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ABI: Status of recent bankruptcy bills or cases
US Bankruptcy Law – Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School.

American Bankruptcy Institute (research and education on insolvency)
American Board of Certification (certifies attorneys as specialists in business bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law)
Internet Bankruptcy Library discussion groups, conferences, publications, resources
Office of the U.S. Trustee
National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Inc. “NACBA”

National Do Not Call Registry – stop telemarketing, file complaints
Stop Junk Calls

Credit Scoring – How Does It Work?

IRS – Collection Standards (what is allowed by the IRS)
Internal Revenue Service.

Arizona Department of Financial Institutions – complaint form for poor servicing from escrow or title agency
Auto Recalls – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – Consumer Information on Banking and Personal Finance
Better Business Bureau
Consumer Directory of Federal Agencies
Consumer Product Safety
Consumer Protection Agencies -FTC – General
Consumer World – Catalog of Useful Consumer Resources – U. S. Government – Multilingual Library of Consumer Information – Linking Community and Police
National Association of Consumer Advocates
National Foundation for Credit Counseling
National Fraud Information Center
Predatory Lending – Arizona Attorney General
What are your privacy rights?
Protecting Yourself from Consumer Fraud – From Florida Attorney General
Victims Rights – Arizona Attorney General


Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Counsel: “ACBC” Mentoring group of experienced consumer bankruptcy council. Arizona based. Membership includes participation in very active listserv, monthly CLE luncheons, reduced prices for sponsored CLE programs, access to education videos.

American College of Bankruptcy: The College was formed in 1989 and has over 800 Fellows that are selected by a Board of Regents from among recommendations received from the Circuit Admissions Council in each federal judicial circuit. The Regents select those who meet the following standards: (i) the highest professional qualifications and ethical standards; (ii) the highest level of character, integrity, professional expertise and leadership; (iii) sustained evidence of scholarship, teaching, lecturing and distinguished published writings on bankruptcy practice or insolvency practice and the overall improvement of the process.

American Bankruptcy Institute – Comprehensive information about legislative news related to bankruptcy, bankruptcy statistics, judges’ opinions, bankruptcy code and analysis. ABI is “the nation’s largest multi-disciplinary, non-partisan organization dedicated to research and education on matters related to insolvency.” ABI publishes a newsletter 10 times per year, distributed to ABI members.

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Inc. is an organization of attorneys representing mostly debtors. Their site contains information about their organization and cases of interest.

The Commercial Law League of America ( claims to be America’s oldest creditors’ rights organization. Their site contains a special update on the final report of the Bankruptcy Review Commission and other bankruptcy info.

The American Board of Certification certifies attorneys as specialists in business bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law. It is a non-profit organization, sponsored by The American Bankruptcy Institute and The Commercial Law League of America, dedicated to serving the public and improving the quality of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law bars.

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