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Arizona’s Top Rated Bankruptcy Attorney (by both clients and fellow attorneys)

Diane L. Drain, well-respected bankruptcy attorney, retired law professor, mentor, community advocate, wife and mother.

WHY HIRE US?  Because we are here for you and committed to treating you with respect – you are never just a number and a paycheck.  Instead, you are a unique person with unique needs.  We are dedicated to helping you help yourself at a very difficult time in your life.  Free bankruptcy consultation with Diane – please take advantage of that opportunity before deciding the best path that will protect you and your assets.

Why did I decide to concentrate on bankruptcy?  It’s simple – this area of law reminds me of why I went to law school – to help others in their time of need.  My goal is to be an experienced guide for my clients.  To help them to traverse the crevasses between their needs, the law, and the bankruptcy system.  I don’t tell my clients what to do; instead, I explain the legal and practical issues in order for them to make informed decisions.

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My goal is to help you understand your options. Our discussion is solely educational and there is no commitment to filing a bankruptcy.

As a law professor I told my students that parts of bankruptcy were magical.

When a bankruptcy is filed a “magical” umbrella, called the automatic stay, protects the debtor and their property. This umbrella is so powerful that it stops almost everyone in their tracks – even the IRS.  Unless a bankruptcy court orders otherwise a mortgage company, bill collector or creditor cannot meddle with the debtor or any property of the debtor.

Warning: bankruptcy is complicated and must be treated with respect.

Many people file bankruptcy on their own or using inexperienced attorneys. This can be the beginning of a nightmare. These folks lose their tax refunds, vehicles, inheritance and certain property that is important to them.  Normally these problems can be avoided if a bankruptcy is planned properly.

Our reputation is built on our client’s trust that we could help them during a very difficult time.

Our commitment to each client is to provide them the best guidance we can.  Here are some comments from my clients.

* Rated by peers and clients as superb (AVVO), rated by clients as excellent (Google+), by peers as AV (highest rating possible).


Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix

We are dedicated to helping Arizona residents and small businesses protect both their assets and their future; whether through bankruptcy or other options. It is very important to us that everyone understand their rights and how to use all available resources to protect their property.


U.S. Bank

Since 1985 our firm has represented hundreds of lenders, from large national firms to individual lenders.  As a result we have the expertise to assist Arizona homeowners who are faced with the challenges of a trustee’s sale, foreclosure, short sale, loan workout or eviction.

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5 starsI first met Diane in 2009. I was losing control of my finances and therefore my whole life seemed a day to day mix of anxiety and fear. I landed on her website and returned numerous times to understand the process. I found it one of the best and most informative sites on the subject and just decided that whoever was behind all that information was the person I needed. I remember my first visit, I cried thinking my life was over and she quickly alleviated all my fears. There were no demons or dragons. It my constitutional right to be free of debt. For the first time, I felt empowered and had faith that she would get me past this chapter of my life. Indeed she did. Ten years later, after a major backpacking injury, disability and subsequent loss of employment ( I had been basically debt for all those years in between) I needed her again and returned. Her sound advice, again, helped me get my life back, as I knew she would. I’ll be forever grateful. Diane and Jay are a class act. No one does it better.

V.M.I cried thinking my life was over and she quickly alleviated all my fears.

Diane is very thorough and has a wealth of experience. She and does not do the work for you and there is a significant amount of paperwork that needs to be completed. Having said that, she walked me through every step of the way, but Diane held me accountable for working with her on completing the necessary paperwork so I was involved in every step of the process. Diane and Jay were always very positive and consistently receptive in answering and returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

T.J.This was my bankruptcy, not Diane’s..

We were extremely pleased with the quality and level of support you and Jay provided. We had shopped around a bit before contacting you and once we did the comparison with other attorneys and bankruptcy “mills” was extremely and significantly positive.


Diane Drain, and her amazing teammate, Jay were two of the most helpful, caring individuals I have met in a long, long time. The process of bankruptcy is daunting, having a guiding hand and experienced consul are an extremely important aspect. Remember, this is your bankruptcy, and you get out of it what you put in. It is hard work. It is not easy. If you follow Diane’s outline and are proactive, it will go on track and follow its course. If you do not, you will face challenges. Be prepared, trust in Diane, trust in Jay, and her team, you will climb the mountain and be successful.

K.B.Remember, this is your bankruptcy, and you get out of it is what you put in.

5 starsYou and Jay are the best attorneys I have ever had or needed and thank God for the Honorable Robert Gottsfield in recommending you folks – I would have never made it through the entire process without you and Jay and God Bless you both always and stay in touch as well. You folks are the BEST OF THE BEST in Arizona.

M.H.You folks are the BEST OF THE BEST in Arizona.

5 starsI can’t say enough good things about Diane. The way she handled my not typical circumstances was amazing. I was very nervous to start the bankruptcy process but Diane just has a very comforting way of explaining the whole process. Communication is key when entering into a bankruptcy and there was never a time when I was unsure about where I stood. Diane and Jay were always willing to take their time to answer any questions I might have. My only regret is that I didn’t find Diane sooner. If you find yourself in a financial situation that you can’t correct on your own, please Call Diane Drain as soon as possible.

K.H.My only regret is that I didn’t find Diane sooner.


Meet Diane L. Drain


Diane L. Drain, bankruptcy attorney, retired law professor, mentor, community advocate, wife and mother

Diane truly believes that “when you find your passion, going to work every day is a joy, not a job.” Her clients can attest to her passion and commitment to excellence. In 1990 Diane L. Drain left her large firm to open her own law firm, Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A. which focuses on debtor and creditor rights and real property lien enforcement. Diane is licensed by the State Bar of Arizona, the United States District Court of Arizona and regularly appears before the United States Bankruptcy Court. She is a conservative and practical advocate for her debtor and creditor clients. Diane is a retired law professor, where she taught bankruptcy, and since 1988 she teaches bankruptcy and foreclosure at the Arizona School of Real Estate.  She is also a mentor for fellow bankruptcy lawyers.  More about Diane.

My wife and I would highly recommend Diane Drain to any one who is considering bankruptcy. She handled our case professionally and in a very timely manner. Diane and her team made a long, frustrating process pretty painless. Thank you Diane!!- Signed D & B


Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona


We are dedicated to helping Arizona citizens and Arizona small companies protect both their assets and their future; whether through bankruptcy or other practical avenues. It is extremely important to us that everyone understand their rights and are able to use all available legal resources in protecting their property.
Bankruptcy is a very complicated interplay of several laws and should not be undertaken without adequate representation. Each state has a different set of laws or procedures related to bankruptcy.  Do not use document preparers or inexperienced attorneys who do not practice bankruptcy law full time. Most bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultations.

I understand that you are afraid. I also understand that even calling me is scary. I am as much a teacher as a lawyer so let me answer your questions and help with your concerns.

Trustee Sale

Experienced Arizona Trustee Sale & Foreclosure Attorney


Since 1985 our firm has represented numerous lenders, from large national firms to individual lenders and completed thousands of trustee sales. As a result, we have the expertise to assist homeowners facing the challenges of a trustees sale, foreclosure, short sale, loan workout or eviction.

Excess Proceeds

Arizona Excess Sale Proceeds


This firm is extremely proud that we have returned more than $800,000 to homeowners after the trustee’s sale is completed.  This is a process that allows the original homeowner to recoup some of their equity in their home that was foreclosed.

For Lawyers

Basic Legal Information for Lawyers


The practice of law becomes more complex each day. The day of the attorney who “does it all” is rapidly waning. Not because one attorney cannot provide good legal and practical advice in several areas of law, but because they probably should not.

Each day there are new laws, new court decisions, new policies or administrative procedures that directly influence existing laws. Each of these changes impact other areas of law. For instance, a change in the tax law affects bankruptcy or real estate law. Or, a federal court decision directly impacts existing state laws.

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