My goal is to put you back in control of your life
Serving all of Arizona, based in Phoenix & Show Low.
We provide affordable payment plans
Serving the all of Arizona
My intention is to put you back in control of your life
We provide affordable payment plans

Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer

Since 1991 we helped thousands of people get a fresh start, and find financial security.

Why hire me?

Why hire me?

Filing for bankruptcy can be difficult. As a well-known Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer, I am here for you and committed to treating you with respect. You are never just a paycheck.  Instead, you are a unique person with unique needs.  I am dedicated to helping you help yourself, at a very difficult time in your life.  If bankruptcy is necessary, it is not the end of your financial life; it is the beginning of your financial freedom.  But if done incorrectly it is the beginning of a nightmare. Read more about Diane…

Diane L. Drain

“Knowledge dispels fear”

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Bankruptcy for Individual

Individual Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy for Small Business

Small Business Bankruptcy

Foreclosure / Trustee Sales

Foreclosure / Trustee Sales

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Individual Bankruptcy

Small Business Bankruptcy

Foreclosure / Trustee Sales


Individual & Small Business Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy as an individual and or small business is complicated

As an Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer, I recognize bankruptcy in Arizona is complicated and must be treated with respect. Many people file bankruptcy on their own, use inexperienced, or mass-advertising attorneys. This can be the beginning of a nightmare. These folks lose their tax refunds, vehicles, inheritance and certain property that is important to them. Normally these problems can be avoided if a bankruptcy is planned properly.  Proper planning takes an experienced attorney who cares enough about her clients to spend the time customizing a good solution.

When a bankruptcy is filed a “magical” umbrella, called the automatic stay, protects the debtor and their property. This umbrella is so powerful that it stops almost everyone in their tracks – even the IRS. Unless a bankruptcy court orders otherwise a mortgage company, bill collector or creditor cannot meddle with the debtor or any property of the debtor.

Our commitment to each client is to provide them the best guidance we can. Here are some comments from my clients.

Clients from all across Arizona have put their trust in us

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Basic Legal Information for Lawyers

Provided by an Arizona bankruptcy attorney for fellow lawyers. The practice of law becomes more complex each day. The day of the attorney who “does it all” is over. Not because one attorney cannot provide good legal and practical advice in several areas of law, but because they should not in the more complicated areas, such as bankruptcy.

Each day there are new laws, new court decisions, new policies or administrative procedures that directly influence existing laws. Each of these changes impact other areas of law. For instance, a change in the tax law affects bankruptcy and/or real estate law. Or, a federal court decision directly impacts existing state laws.

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As a Law Professor & Bankruptcy Lawyer, I told my students that parts of bankruptcy are magical.

My goal is to educate you about the options and the process from beginning to end.  I also help you plan for your future.  Our firm is Committed to Quality, not focused on Quantity.

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