Law Off of D.L. Drain P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer | "Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track"
Law Off of D.L. Drain P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer | "Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track"

Bankruptcy for an Individual

Get your life back on track

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FREE Financial Advice, including Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy for an individual will be discussed in the following sections. If you are seeking information about bankruptcy for a business visit “bankruptcy for a business”.

My goal is to get to know you and your situation, then answer your questions (generally for FREE), but there are two things you must do prior to our FREE Individual bankruptcy consultation:

  • Watch 9 very short videos so you can learn what creditors can do and what your rights are, as well as some information on the bankruptcy process.
  • Next you need to fill out a questionnaire that helps me to understand more about your specific situation.

Anxiety stems from financial difficulties. You would not be contacting me unless you were having financial difficulties.  So please know I am here to help you.  Also, understand that you have not made any commitment to file bankruptcy just because you filled out the bankruptcy information online and then we talked. You have the option to take a step back at any time. I am happy to answer to your questions, but this does not imply that we have created an attorney-client relationship.

If you are still curious about what is involved in the bankruptcy process and how I can help you. Continue on reading below.

Individual Bankruptcy FAQs

View a flowchart of the Chapter 7 Process by clicking on the link below:

Chapter 7 Flow Chart Download

View a flowchart of the Chapter 13 Process by clicking on the link below:

Chapter 13 Flow Chart Download

Assuming Diane agreed to help you with a bankruptcy, she will either send you two emails, or suggest you contact her when you are ready:

(1) the first is an email titled “What’s Next”.  This details all the next steps, including links to various sources.

(2) the second is an email from MyCaseInfo where you will fill out information necessary for the bankruptcy process.  Make sure to print the instructions attached to the “What’s next” email.

First and foremost, our clients will tell you that my fees are very reasonable, often less than those of “mass production” firms. Our initial consultation is completely FREE (you can afford that).

Everyone is unique, as is their situation. If we charged the same fee to all callers, we would be charging some too much and others not enough. Any firm that quotes fees without knowing your situation has decided to limit services to those with complicated cases and overcharge those with simple cases. After the initial discussion, I will let you know if I can help you and what my fees will be.

We are all concerned about the cost of hiring a professional. I understand that price is important, but receiving competent advice is even more important. Otherwise, you will have a bad experience and waste a lot of money trying to fix mistakes caused by bad advice or poor planning. “It costs more to fix a problem than it does to do it right the first time,” as the saying goes. I recommend reading “Hiring a cheap lawyer is very expensive,” .

Before I can give you an accurate cost for our help and support, I need to learn more about your specific situation.

The information you provide will assist me in identifying any problems and explaining how to best resolve those problems (some that you never realized would be problems). It is possible that bankruptcy is not an option, or that it is only one of several options. This type of assessment and planning, like good medical treatment, takes time and experience.

See article “What is a Simple Bankruptcy?

A typical consumer bankruptcy filing consists of 60 or more pages of paperwork, so what is involved depends on your unique situation.

It involves many state laws and federal laws, both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy. There are bankruptcy classes required for consumers; tax returns and payroll information which must be file with the court. Failure to do any of these things will mean the automatic dismissal of your bankruptcy.  In addition to the mounds of paperwork, there are strict deadlines and procedures, which if not followed will lead to the bankruptcy being dismissed.

To continue reading more information about what is involved in a “Typical Consumer Bankruptcy”, WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE TYPICAL CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY?

Why should you work with us? Because this firm has never been or will ever be a bankruptcy “mill” comprised of inexperienced or uninterested lawyers. I limit the number of clients we accept so that I can provide them with the best possible service.


I’ve been practicing law since 1985, and the most dangerous misconception is that bankruptcy is a “one-size-fits-all” solution. I used to ask all of my law students at the start of each semester if they believed the “one size fits all” statement. The majority said “yes.” By the end of the semester, they had all realized how naive they had been in thinking “it’s just filling out a bunch of forms.” The truth is that one person’s financial and life circumstances are extremely unlikely to be identical to another’s. My goal is to tailor my legal advice to your specific history, needs, and desires, all at an extremely affordable cost based on your ability to pay.

See the comments from our wonderful clients made about how we helped them find that fresh start.

Helping out with bankruptcy

FREE Consultation Process

Please complete the following prior to our FREE Bankruptcy consultation in order for me to really help you:

Step 1.

watch 9 short videos from the Bankruptcy Court

Step 3.

Complete our online questionnaire

Step 4.

Schedule a FREE 30 to 40 minute phone call with Diane 602-246-7106

Post-consultation Steps

“Mean’s Test” – A follow up from our initial consultation

Move forward with filing your bankruptcy

Clients from all across Arizona have put their trust in us

Individual sad about her bills

This may help you answer some questions

What is involved in the chapter 7 bankruptcy process?

I encourage you to take a look at the following Chapter 7 Process that we use in our firm. This flowchart gives you an overview of the process of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

What can I expect if I file a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Have a question about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? I recommend that you look at the following Chapter 13 Process that is used in our firm. This flowchart depicts the steps involved in filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

FREE bankruptcy advice

You may feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed about what will happen next.

Our purpose is to assist you in discovering solutions, which we accomplish by offering free bankruptcy consultation. This will need a lot of effort on your part, but the end result might be life-changing. Do you have to choose between purchasing groceries and paying your rent? Please contact us so that we can discuss your options for starting a new life.

Do you dread getting a phone call or having someone knock on your door?

This is not a healthy way to live, and asking questions is the first step toward regaining control of your life.

If you watch the videos and complete the questionnaire (the green FREE CONSULTATION button below), I will provide you with free bankruptcy advice that will provide you with the information you need to make informed financial decisions.  There is no commitment to filing bankruptcy, or even working with our firm.

♥ This remark is from one of our amazing clients. It may help you understand the importance of reading and following instructions.

Thank you very much. It was an honor and a joy to be your client. I am eternally glad that you were referred to me to assist me with my bankruptcy. You are definitely the finest of the best, and it would be a pleasure to share with anyone at any time my most lovely and painless experience with you as my guide and wise advise. I’ve never studied instructions or followed rules more carefully in my life, and I’m appreciative for your well-thought-out website and professional experience in ensuring that I was informed and on track throughout. I am grateful for your guidance, immense knowledge and wisdom, expert advice, and encouragement. I’m singing your and Jay’s praises from the rooftops for all of the aid and advice you gave me.


(see more of our client reviews)

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