Law Off of D.L. Drain P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer | "Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track"
Law Off of D.L. Drain P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer | "Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track"

Diane L. Drain | Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer

Why Hire Diane?

"I sincerely enjoy assisting those who are experiencing
financial hardship in learning about their options and rights."

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Finding a Trustworthy and Caring Attorney

“I find joy in helping people who are struggling financially and are looking for solutions—which could include bankruptcy—to their problems. My goal is to help them improve their lives.”

The ability to end a client’s wage garnishment when they are barely able to provide for their family makes me happiest. My client feels more at peace when I tell an overzealous debt collector that they can no longer get in touch with them or make any attempt to collect the debt. I’m thrilled to hear from the same client years later who is now able to refinance their home or purchase a new vehicle. This was my first motivation for attending law school.


Diane L. Drain

small business bankruptcy & individual bankruptcy

Filing for protection from your creditors “bankruptcy” is not like buying a jar of spaghetti sauce, instead it is like getting a new pet.

Right now, you could think I’m crazy, but I have your attention. Given that you know each jar of sauce contains the exact same recipe, you might choose to purchase the cheapest jar of the same brand from other merchants. However, you don’t pick a new puppy in the same way. In a litter usually the puppies all look similar. But each of them has a unique personality. You have no way of knowing which dog may bite you, destroy everything in your home, or attack your kids or neighbors until you take the time to get to know each puppy.

A bankruptcy is similar to getting a new pet.

Cute Puppy

⇐which one do you want?⇒

vicious dog

Most of the time, filing for bankruptcy will go as planned, but only if you deal with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney who customizes their advice to your specific financial situation. Along with following to your attorney’s recommendations, you also need to put a lot of effort into your pre-bankruptcy strategy and have a little luck. You risk having a nightmare or at the very least several days or weeks of lost sleep if you don’t do each. You lose your tax refunds and other valuable items, your friends or relatives may be sued for money you paid them, etc. Consequently, careful planning is imperative.

Why should you work with Diane?

Jay and I promise to treat you with respect and are here for you.

You are more than a paycheck and a number at our office. We are dedicated to providing you a fresh start during this tough time in your life by providing you the tools you need to help yourself.

You might be wondering why I choose to concentrate only on bankruptcy law.

Simply said, this field of law makes me think back to the reason I chose to pursue a legal education in the first place—to assist those who are in need. My goal is to provide my clients expert and practical advice. Put their needs, the law, and the bankruptcy process together for them. I educated my clients on legal and practical issues so they could make decisions rather than telling them what to do.

I used to explain to my law students that some bankruptcy laws are like magic while others are just common sense.

The “magical” umbrella known as the “automatic stay” protects the debtor and their assets when bankruptcy is filed. This powerful umbrella stops almost everyone in their tracks, including the IRS. Unless the court so decides, the debtor or any of the debtor’s assets may not be messed with by a mortgage company, bill collector, or unsecured creditor. A well-planned bankruptcy will provide relief, but it will require commitment to the procedure, accuracy, and thoroughness.

“Let this bridge be your path to peace.” During this difficult time, I’d like to be your guide.

Diane L. Drain

open hands bridge

Clients from all across Arizona have put their trust in us

  • You were wonderful

    "You were wonderful!!" L. You were wonderful – Thank you so much. I am so glad that my son went to your seminar and found you.

  • Diane has a very calm confidence because she knows the laws inside and out

    Diane has a very calm confidence because she knows the laws inside and out. L.D. Diane is very smart, patient, kind and sincere. I am a better person for knowing her. I was so nervous to call and start the process but Diane made everything seem easy. [...]

  • avoid bankruptcy mills

    "Avoid bankruptcy mills" D. & B. We were extremely pleased with the quality and level of support you and Jay provided. We had shopped around a bit before contacting you and once we did the comparison with other attorneys and bankruptcy “mills” was extremely and significantly positive. [...]

small business bankruptcy & individual bankruptcy

Everyone, including attorneys, face difficulties in understanding bankruptcy law.

Every area of law has gotten far too complex for the majority of people to understand, even brilliant lawyers.

Many of us believe that legal services, especially competent legal advice, is out of reach. While that may be true in some areas of law, it is not for clients seeking bankruptcy help. Because in our office the initial consultation is FREE.

Beware: the Internet, neighbors and acquaintances, as well as inept lawyers and document preparers, are all sources of potentially very bad “legal advice” that will be extremely costly to correct later.

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