• Published On: July 24, 2022

    Want to avoid dishonest debt collectors?  Watch this video from FTC’s Consumer Advice By Joseph Ferrari,July 22, 2022 (reprint from FTC, Consumer Alerts) During Military Consumer Month 2022, the FTC [...]

  • Published On: October 25, 2021

    CFPB Confirms Effective Date for Debt Collection Final Rules (Reprint from CFPB, July 30, 2021) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today announced two final rules under the FDCPA will [...]

  • Published On: August 29, 2021

    Dirty Little Secret – medical bills are the highest they have ever been and debtor buyers are paying pennies on the dollar to purchase the debts, but then sue the [...]

  • Published On: May 4, 2021

    CFPB Rule Clarifies Tenants Can Hold Debt Collectors Accountable for Illegal Evictions Bureau Issues Interim Final Rule on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (reprint April 19, 2021) The Consumer Financial [...]

  • Published On: March 1, 2021

    A powerful story from one man who refused to be bullied to one of the devious debt collectors: Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance Article [...]

  • Published On: January 30, 2021

    The Arizona Statute of Limitations Applicable to Collection Lawsuits and Non-Judicial Trustee’s Foreclosure Sales of Real Property, article by Larry O. Folks, Folks Hess, PLLC (1/2021). Excerpts: Can a lender collect upon a promissory [...]

  • Published On: January 5, 2021

    The FTC alleged that Midwest Recovery, and owners Brandon M. Tumber, Kenny W. Conway and Joseph H. Smith, collected more than $24 million from consumers on such debts, largely by debt parking. What is "debt [...]

  • Published On: January 3, 2021

    CFPB Sues Encore Capital Group, Midland Funding, Midland Credit Management, and Asset Acceptance Capital Corp for Collecting Debts Beyond Statute of Limitations without disclosing debts were uncollectable, and other illegal [...]

  • Published On: January 2, 2021

    Debt Collectors Can Demand Payment on Facebook Once You ‘Friend’ or ‘Follow’ Them According to an article in PaymentsJournal and the Register debt collectors now have the authority to make [...]

  • Published On: December 9, 2020

    Have you received a demand that you pay a debt you don’t owe, or already paid? Reprint of an article from the Federal Tradc Commission “FTC.gov”, September 29, 2020 Nobody [...]

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    Diane Helped me Maneuver the Process of Bankruptcy Through an Unusual Situation

    “You can feel confident in her ability to provide you with any and all answers that may arise.  ” D.L. I can’t say enough about the professionalism for Diane Drain and Jay. She helped me maneuver the process of Bankruptcy through an unusual situation. I highly recommend Diane [...]

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    My wife and I would highly recommend Diane Drain

    "My wife and I would highly recommend Diane Drain." R. My wife and I would highly recommend Diane Drain to any one who is considering bankruptcy. She handled our case professionally and in a very timely manner. Diane and her team made a long, frustrating process pretty painless. Thank [...]

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    Her knowledge and patience are a model that every attorney should follow

    “Her knowledge and patience are a model that every attorney should follow” S.H. Diane Drain is one of the most incredible attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She takes the time necessary with each client to provide expert advice. Her knowledge and patience are a [...]