debt collectorHas anyone ever contacted you demanding payment for a debt you don’t owe?  My guess is ‘yes’.  Not only does this happen all the time, it is a something some debt collectors set up on purpose.  They report a false claim and then wait for you to check your credit report.  Only then do you take action to remove the fake report – which will take several months, if at all.  Unfortunately, you do not discover that false claim until you need a clean credit report in order to purchase that new home or car.   Which means you need that report to be clean now, not several months from now.  That results in many people paying to remove the false report, which is exactly what the company reporting the fake debt wanted.  This is somewhat like rewarding the thief for robbing your home.

The moral – ALWAYS pull your credit reports at least once a year in order to determine if someone is parking a false or misleading debt.  You can do this for free at  

– Diane L. Drain
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