My goal is to understand your situation and answer your questions (usually for free), but first you and I need to do two important things:

  • You need to learn what creditors can do and what your rights are, including a little about the bankruptcy process.
  • I need to learn about your unique situation.

In order for me to help you, please complete the following:

  1. Watch 9 very short Bankruptcy Court videos.
  2. Print and review the Arizona exemptions.
  3. Fill out the financial form (accurate information is important).

Financial problems are stressful. Just because you fill out this information and we talk there is absolutely no commitment to filing a bankruptcy.  I am happy to answer your questions, but this does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Until you hire my firm by signing a fee agreement, I am not your attorney.

Diane L. Drain

Diane L. Drain, bankruptcy attorney, retired law professor, mentor and community spokesperson.

The links below are to nine very short videos for Bankruptcy basics about the bankruptcy process and players. We require that you (and your spouse) watch all the videos in order to understand the process involved in bankruptcy, including some duties and dispel many myths about bankruptcy.

Please review the list of exemptions AFTER you watch all the videos

IMPORTANT: Please print a copy for use in our discussion:


If you have not lived in Arizona for two years, Federal exemptions may apply in bankruptcy. Diane will explain more during your consultation.

bankruptcyThis general review form will help me identify specific areas of concern that could lead to difficulty for you – whether or not you file for bankruptcy.

We promise that just because you send us this information there no commitment to filing for bankruptcy protection. There are situations when the best course is to wait before filing a bankruptcy, if ever. Any information you provide to our office will be held in strictest confidence.

Internet Explorer users – you may see a small pop-up window at the bottom of your computer screen that reads “Secured content is displayed”, then a box “show all content” MAKE SURE TO MARK THAT BOX OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT SEE THE FORM.  This does not happen in Firefox or Chrome.

General Online Questionnaire

Once we receive your completed Financial Status Form Diane will call to schedule your free 30 to 40 minute telephonic consultation.

harassing creditorsThese discussions are always with Diane and can be scheduled at your convenience.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the form please contact us at 602.246.7106.

IMPORTANT: In order to prepare for our discussion please print the list of Download List Of Arizona Exemptions (7574 downloads) .  That way we can talk about what your creditors cannot take, referred to as “exempt property”.

I am not your attorney until you agree to hire me and sign a retainer agreement.



Our goal is to be your guide in finding solutions. This means hard work for you, but the end result can be life-changing.  Are you forced to chose between buying food or paying rent? Please call us so we can explain your options for a new life.

Do you dread every time the phone rings or someone knocks on your door? 

This is no way to live and asking questions is the first step to finding some peace in your life.

If you watch the videos and fill out the questionnaire (below) I will do my best to give you the tools necessary to make informed decisions about your financial situation.

♥ This quote from one of our wonderful clients may help you understand the importance of reading and following directions.

Thank you. It was a pleasure and privilege to be your client. I am continually grateful that I was led to you to help me through my bankruptcy process. You are truly the best of the best and it would be a welcome honor to share my most wonderful and painless experience I had with you as my guide and wise counsel with anyone at any time. I have never read directions and followed rules more thoroughly in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your master-planned website and life experience in this profession to make sure I remained educated and on track throughout. For your guidance, infinite knowledge and wisdom, professional-counsel and encouragement, I am most grateful. I sing your and Jay’s praises from the rooftops for the array of help and guidance I received. K.  (Link to more clients reviews)


Please complete the on-line questionnaire (see above) so we can talk about your unique situation.

Assuming Diane agreed to help you with a bankruptcy she will either send you two emails or suggest you contact her when you are ready:

(1) from her “What’s Next”,

(2) from MyCaseInfo where you will fill out information necessary for the bankruptcy process.


A cheap attorney can be very expensive

First, our clients will tell you that my fees are very reasonable.

They all appreciate that our initial discussion is free.  At the end of the  initial discussion I will let you know if I can help and what my fees will be.

We all fear the cost of hiring any professional.  I realize that price is important, but what is more important is receiving competent advice. Otherwise, you will have a miserable experience and waste a lot of money trying to fix errors caused by improper advice or planning.  Remember “it costs more to fix a problem then it costs to do it right the first time“.  Hiring a cheap lawyer is very expensive.

I need to know more about your unique situation before we can give you an accurate cost for our help.

The information you provide will help me diagnose any problems and explain how best to fix those problems (some that you never realized would be problems).  It may be that bankruptcy is not an option, or may only be one of several options.  Like with good medical treatment, this type of diagnosis and planning takes time and experience.

See article “What is a Simple Bankruptcy?”


Why choose our firm – because this firm never has been or will be a bankruptcy “mill” made of up inexperienced or indifferent lawyers.  YOU DESERVE BETTER!!

I practiced law since 1985 and find the most dangerous false impression is that bankruptcy is a “one size fits all”. The truth is exactly the opposite – it is extremely rare for one person’s financial and life circumstances to be the same as another. My goal is to customize legal advice to your unique history, needs and wants; all for a very reasonable price.

See the comments from our wonderful clients made about how we helped them find that fresh start.