Law Off of D.L. Drain P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer | "Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track"
Law Off of D.L. Drain P.A., Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer | "Helping You Get Your Life Back on Track"

Awards & Recognition

Diane’s Integrity & Commitment to the Law and her Clients

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Awards & Recognitions

A skilled consumer bankruptcy lawyer must possess a number of skills and characteristics, including the willingness to prioritize their clients’ needs over their own. In other words, the client is more than just a source of revenue. That is my commitment to all of our clients and to how our office operates. My commitment is to be both a counselor and a skilled bankruptcy lawyer, which means staying up-to-date on the ever-changing bankruptcy laws.

Clients are the most essential part of our business.

Even if I didn’t have clients, I could continue to teach and volunteer. But I want to keep helping people because that is what I am most proud of. Bankruptcy offers my clients the opportunity of a fresh start. See client reviews. I don’t accept every client who contacts me. I refer out many to great lawyers who are more skilled in what that person needs.  Those that I do accept must be willing to truly partner with me. They must pay heed to my recommendations. That doesn’t mean they’ll follow my advice, but it does mean they’ll be aware of the consequences of their decisions. Which is why it is critical that my clients understand the law in order to make sound decisions. Furthermore, it is essential that my client be completely honest with me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to give them sound advice. Read More…..

Knowledge of Bankruptcy Law

Unlike most areas of law, bankruptcy requires a lawyer to be well-versed in a wide range of topics, a skilled negotiator, and sensitive to the needs of all parties involved, without compromising their own client’s rights.  In truth, rather than the lawyer’s capacity to write long, complicated legal briefs, it is their knowledge of the law, their understanding of the laws and procedures, and their ability to come up with creative solutions are what determine the outcome. Read More..

Diane L. Drain

Diane L. Drain Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Passionate Teacher

Diane is also committed to teaching, following in the footsteps of her mentors. She taught bankruptcy and legal office management as an adjunct lecturer at all three of Arizona’s law schools. She taught bankruptcy and real estate issues at the Arizona School of Real Estate for 20 years. Diane assisted in the development of the Professionalism course that is required of all Arizona attorneys by the Arizona Supreme Court.

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

– Jack London

Career Success

Diane has been a forerunner in the consumer bankruptcy practice of law, and in the use of law office technology.

Diane is the founding co-chair of the Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Counsel, a mentoring group for consumer bankruptcy attorneys, and has served on the State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors for for two decades. Diane spent decades teaching the principles of bankruptcy to realtors and title officers.  As a retired law professor she has been involved in hundreds of continuing legal education workshops for her fellow lawyers.  She also founded The Legal Resource Group to assist her fellow attorneys in bringing technology to law firms.


Committed to Educating Fellow Attorneys and Serving as a Press Resource

Diane has written for the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Arizona, and many county bar associations, as well as various local newspapers, including the Arizona Business Gazette and, on law office administration and technology. She is a source for reporters from Channel 12 and the Arizona Republic, among other local and national news organizations.


Numerous Awards for Volunteering to Help Others, including the 2022 VLP Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney of the Year and the 2022 Pro Bono Service Award for Establishing the Self-Help Center, presented by Legal Services Corp.

From Diane, March 2023: “Unexpectedly, I received a wonderful present for my birthday. That was the gift of witnessing my forty years of practice come together in one celebration when I was given the “Bankruptcy Attorney of the Year” award from the Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) by bankruptcy judge Daniel P. Collins. Judge Collins made the most wonderful comments about my volunteering history in the bankruptcy community. I am sure my face turned red. Pat Gerrich, the director of VLP, who has been my inspiration for how attorneys should use their skills to help others, was in charge of organizing this event. At the celebration, my devoted husband, Jay McClimon, stood by my side, just as he has for more than 30 years. I would never have been able to volunteer without Jay’s commitment to managing our office and our home. Also at the ceremony was Krystal Ahart, one of the finest young attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Krystal is my inspiration to keep moving forward, even in challenging times.  Last, but the most important, is James F. Kahn.  Jim is Krystal’s partner and mentor.  Jim has been my mentor for decades, as he has been to countless other bankruptcy attorneys.  He has helped keep me out of trouble more than once. Jim’s love for mentoring and unwavering commitment to our great profession were my inspiration to accept that first request to volunteer all those years ago. As you can see, my entire village deserves this very special accolade.

My hope for everyone is to find or create a village that supports and protects you.”

America's Most Honored Lawyers 2023
Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards
Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix
Foundation for Justice awarded to Diane Drain 2023

Foundation for Justice awarded to Diane Drain 2023

Since 1986, Diane has received multiple accolades for her dedication to the practice of law, including a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in educating Arizona citizens about their bankruptcy rights. The Foundation for Justice award in 2023 “For devoting your expertise and time to change the justice system to promote access and opportunity for those most vulnerable“. Chief Bankruptcy Judge James M. Marlar nominated Diane as a top Pro Bono Super Lawyer, a nationwide organization. She was on the Arizona Bankruptcy Court’s Honor Roll of Pro Bono Volunteers, also the Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys award from the Arizona State Bar Foundation, as well as the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievements Award (Marquis Who’s Who) from the Albert Nelson Marquis Foundation, and named a “Top Attorney” by the North Valley Magazine.

Diane was named Member of the Year by the Arizona State Bar, and she has been featured in the Arizona Business Gazette, Arizona Attorney, and other national and local media.

Diane has received numerous awards from her peers and the community.

Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

AV 2024 highest possible rating

AV Preeminent, 2024, highest possible rating in both legal ability & ethical standards.

Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

Americas Most Honored Lawyers 2024

America's Most Honored Lawyers - Top 1%

Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

25 Yr Distinquished Martindale

2024 - 25 Year Anniversary Distinquished Peer Review Rating

Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

2024 - Top Rated-Lawyer, AVVO

Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

top 3 best bankruptcy lawyers 7-2-24

2024 - Three Best Rated Lawyers

Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards

ABI – member since 2013

2023 Judicial Edition Award - AV Highest possible rating


Diane is or has been a member of the following organizations

Co-Founder of the Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Counsel, member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the Better Business Bureau, various State Bar sections: including the Supreme Court’s Technology Committee, Professionalism Committee, the Bankruptcy Section, the Real Property Section and the Solo and Small Firm Section.  Diane is a past President of the Maricopa Chapter of the Arizona Women Lawyer’s Association, a past Chair of the Solo Practitioner’s Section of the Arizona State Bar, a past Chair of the Maricopa County Continuing Legal Education program and the founding Chairperson for the Arizona Trustee’s Association.  Diane was appointed by the Supreme Court to the Commission on Judicial Review and the Supreme Court’s Commission on Technology.

Most Valued Award

Diane received a Lifetime Achievement Pro Bono Award from Chief Judge Daniel Collins of the Arizona Bankruptcy Court.

The Lifetime Achievement award, presented by Judge Daniel Collins on behalf of the Bankruptcy Section of the State Bar of Arizona, stands out above all the others. Some of these honors are in recognition of my attempts to improve the legal profession (my time on the State Bar Board of Governors, or the Bankruptcy Rules Committees, and other committees or groups I worked with to make the bankruptcy system work better for consumers). Another accomplishment I am very proud of is establishing the Self-Help Center at the Arizona Bankruptcy Court, which has now grown into a nationally renowned resource for those who cannot afford an attorney. Other recognitions are for volunteer efforts with Habitat for Humanity, teaching bankruptcy at the Senior Center, or volunteering at the Women’s Center. Some acknowledgements mention how long I’ve been a member of a particular organization. But it’s the testimonials from my clients and colleagues that mean the most to me. The best present I could ever receive is knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of others around me.


Chief Judge Daniel Collins, of the Arizona Bankruptcy Court, presented Diane with a Lifetime Achievement Pro Bono Award, sponsored by the Arizona Bankruptcy Section, “(f)or a career of overwhelming and extraordinary pro bono services in establishing the Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center and leadership in the bankruptcy pro bono programs.”

From the Presiding Disciplinary Judge

April 17, 2016, letter to Diane Drain from Hon. William J. O’Neil, Presiding Disciplinary Judge, Arizona Supreme Court (as part of Diane’s testimony to the Supreme Court in the disbarment proceedings of David Wroblewski):

Diane Drain established a Self-Help Center at the suggestion of Bankruptcy Judge Sarah Sharer Curley with a hope to reach hurting people and help them understand bankruptcy law and its ramifications as well as better smooth their way through their difficult circumstances by easing the process.  She testified in this proceeding giving credit to others including various bankruptcy judges and the remarkably large number of volunteer attorneys who assisted their fellow citizens through bankruptcy.

Ms. Drain testified a large individual group of volunteer lawyers was started solely because of the sheer volume of damage done to individuals and the legal system by Mr. Wroblewski and the law firm which bore his name.  Judge Daniel P. Collins assigned all of the Wroblewski cases to himself to better manage the flood of individuals injured by the inaction of that firm and the lack of management by Mr. Wroblewski.  These volunteer attorneys came to the rescue of angry clients whose money was taken and who received no assistance. Ms. Drain testified these people sometimes just needed someone to yell at.  We find those people needed someone to yell at because they paid their fees to the law firm of Mr. Wroblewski and that firm then turned a deaf ear to them and abandoned them.

These volunteer attorneys invested their own time and money by taking under their wings these orphaned clients at great expense to themselves.  The impact on the legal profession, the courts, bankruptcy trustees, individual volunteers, and these members of the public we find to be enormous.

Again, thank you.


William J. O’Neil
Presiding Disciplinary Judge
Arizona Supreme Court, Suite 102
1501 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Professional & Community Activies

A community activist and volunteer

Diane’s community involvement includes founding the Bankruptcy Court’s Self-Help Center, participating in Volunteer Lawyers Programs, Law Week, Senior Citizens Law Project, Legal Assistance for the Elderly, Volunteer Mediation Services, Disabled Veterans, and many more. Diane was awarded the Small Business Annual Award by the Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism in 2009.

Legislative work

Diane has been active in the creation of new legislation to safeguard Arizonans. The most recent initiative was a redesign of the Arizona exemptions in order to safeguard all Arizona residents’ property. She is a point of contact for a number of people interested in proposed legislation that directly affects Arizona families.


She is the author of the books Bankruptcy Basics and Trustee Sales, as well as several articles on bankruptcy, trustee sales, and law office management. Is a contributing author to the following ABA publications: Life, Law, and the Pursuit of Balance, Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer, and The Road to Independence, Commission on Women in the Profession.  During her legal career, Diane has written materials for over 150 continuing legal education classes.

Understanding the Law is a Challenge for Everyone – Including Attorneys

Everyone, including attorneys, face difficulties in understanding bankruptcy law.

Every field of law has become far too sophisticated for the majority of people, including excellent lawyers, to comprehend.

A lot of us assume that legal services and decent legal advice is out of their reach. That may be true for some, but not for customers seeking bankruptcy assistance, because the initial consultation, at least at our office, is free. The Internet, neighbors and acquaintances, as well as inept lawyers and document preparers, are all sources of bad “legal advice.”


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