Who knew that I was a leader in providing knowledge to others (now called “Democratizing Knowledge)!!

An article on Wired, Natalie Chyi, focuses a light on how COVID-19 has changed the prospective of on sharing information.  Titled The Coronavirus is Democratizing Knowledge.  The sub-title is: “Despite toxic misinformation, the pandemic has empowered us to become co-creators, co-producers, and co-distributors of what we know.”

free bankruptcy informationI have supported the “Democratization of Knowledge” since 1991 (I just called it “free” instead of some fancy title). The foundation of my law firm is to provide free legal advice about handling financial challenges and how bankruptcy might be one tool, among others, to help people find peace in their financial lives. As a law professor and community activist, I always believed that information about the law should not be a secret. We all have the right to understand our options and that basic information should be free. I hate what COVID is doing to the world, but am pleased that one result of COVID is to force others into an environment that encourages an open exchange of information. Everyone needs to participate in this discussion.

What can you do to help others?  As a parent, teacher, doctor, mechanic, plumber, landscaper, or any other profession – what knowledge so you have to share?  Companies are joining in (see article) and opening up their resources (of course that may be just long enough to get us hooked on their resources so we are willing to pay after COVID is knocked down).  But, I digress.  Join me and many others who believe knowledge should be free.  Of course, the implementation of that knowledge needs to be customized to a specific situation and done by a trained professional (you don’t want just anyone performing surgery, installing complicated electrical systems or filing legal documents that have serious consequences).

I challenge you to think about what you know and how you can share it to help others.

free informationMUSINGS FROM DIANE:

free bankruptcy information

Most of us have more than what we need (I mean ‘really’ need) to sustain a happy and productive life.  What can we share with others – our time, our knowledge, our laughter, our lawnmower?  Your grandmother (or some wise person in your life) told you to be kind and help others.  Many remembered that lesson and lived by it, but others forgot it as they grew older.  Think about the last time you helped someone “just because you could”.  Didn’t that make you feel wonderful?  If you cannot remember that time, then give it a try because you will be better for it.

Now, I am not suggesting that you give so much that you hurt yourself and your family.  Instead, look at what you have to share and take a chance.  Don’t be upset if it does not work out the first time because not everyone is willing to accept help or advice (that is their choice).  Love life and share your joy.