• Introduction: Zombie mortgages, particularly "zombie second mortgages," are a troubling phenomenon where old, seemingly resolved mortgage debts resurface, catching homeowners off guard. These debts, thought to be forgiven or satisfied, are often sold to debt [...]

  • Published On: March 30, 2024

    After 100 Years of Protecting Homeowners, Arizona's Law Changes to Give Creditors New Rights to Take Your Home Depending on the value of your home, creditors can now take it if [...]

  • The Arizona Supreme Court decided those living in motorized homes (such as motor homes and RVs) cannot protect their homes. The Arizona Supreme Court's decision In re Drummond, 23-0009 (Sup. Ct. Arizona, 3/7/24) bans [...]

  • WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF A COVID-19 FORECLOSURE FORBEARANCE? Can servicers demand a large balance? Generally, the servicers should not be demanding full payment following a COVID forbearance. There [...]

  • CFPB Releases Online Tool Helps Renters and Landlords Access Federal Assistance New resource helps renters and landlords find state and local programs distributing federal rental assistance funds WASHINGTON, D.C. — July 28, 2021: The [...]

  • Arizona Residential Eviction Actions Procedures – effective July 15, 2021 IT IS ORDERED that the following procedures are applicable to eviction actions governed by Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 33, filed [...]

  • Forbearance of Home Mortgages During COVID-19 Know your options before making a decision not to pay your mortgage 11/18/21 UPDATE – see summary of foreclosure alternatives This chart provides a summary of relief [...]

  • On January 1, 2022, HB2617 will become the law of Arizona.  Your home is no longer protected from your judgment creditors, which will have a devastating effect on Arizona’s consumers, and especially those hardest [...]

  • Are you planning on refinancing your home?  If so, you could lose protections from creditors under bill at Legislature Russ Wiles, Arizona Republic, Arizona Republic Interviews Diane L. Drain about Arizona homestead protection and [...]

  • Published On: April 3, 2021

    CFPB Cracking Down on Mortgage Servicers Servicers Should Gear Up for Expected Surge in Homeowners Needing Assistance Warning to Mortgage Servicers (April 1, 2021 – reprint from CFPB) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [...]