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Arizona real property laws – Title 33
Beneficiary Deeds 33-405.
Trustee Sales
Judicial Foreclosure
Agreement for Sale NOTE – please do not do agreement for sales or contract for sale without first talking to a competent Arizona real estate attorney.
Forcible Entry and Detainer

Arizona Anti-Deficiency Flow Chart (121 downloads)
Trustee’s Sale Process, Diane L. Drain, Founding Chairperson of the Arizona Trustee’s Association
Arizona Trustee’s Sales and Bankruptcy, Diane L. Drain
Investing in Post-Trustee Sale Properties, Diane L. Drain
How Does a Lender Start a Trustee’s Sale? Form for our lenders to use
Sue on the Note or Foreclose on the Property – what is the difference? by Stephanie Wilson

Sue on the Note or Foreclose on the Property – what is the difference? by Stephanie Wilson
Deficiency Actions, Michael T. Denious, Stoops, Denious, Wilson & Murray, PLC

Arizona Homeowner’s Association dues, plus some Bankruptcy Issues, by Diane L. Drain
Enforceability of Homeowners Association Regulations, by Stephanie Wilson
A friend who practices exclusively in HOA litigation recommends as a resource for homeowners. The individuals that run the non-profit are always willing to help and are very familiar with resources for reading up on the law.

Arizona Department of Financial Institutions – complaint form poor servicing of escrow/title agency
Arizona Department of Real Estate
eFanniemae – designed for lawyers involved in lending, mortgage brokering, mortgage-backed securities and debt securities. Complete library of downloadable forms and documents, regular news updates, information on mortgage products and services.
Fannie Mae – the nation’s largest source of home-mortgage funds.
FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency Site. General guide before and after disasters, National Flood Insurance, US Fire Admin, official forms.
Freddiemac – created by Congress, supports home ownership by purchasing mortgages and repackaging them into securities. Useful current and historical prime mortgage rate information, downloadable documents and library of mortgage instruments, organized by state.
FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. federal banking laws and regulations; full text of publications and articles, survey of important federal laws related to banking; statistical reports on banks and banking.
HUD: US Department of Housing and Urban Development resources for home owners and professionals