• Introduction: Zombie mortgages, particularly "zombie second mortgages," are a troubling phenomenon where old, seemingly resolved mortgage debts resurface, catching homeowners off guard. These debts, thought to be forgiven or satisfied, are often sold to debt [...]

  • WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF A COVID-19 FORECLOSURE FORBEARANCE? Can servicers demand a large balance? Generally, the servicers should not be demanding full payment following a COVID forbearance. There [...]

  • Forbearance of Home Mortgages During COVID-19 Know your options before making a decision not to pay your mortgage 11/18/21 UPDATE – see summary of foreclosure alternatives This chart provides a summary of relief [...]

  • Published On: April 3, 2021

    CFPB Cracking Down on Mortgage Servicers Servicers Should Gear Up for Expected Surge in Homeowners Needing Assistance Warning to Mortgage Servicers (April 1, 2021 – reprint from CFPB) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [...]

  • With Protections Expiring, Millions are in Danger of Losing Their Home by: Jann Swanson  Mortgage News Daily, Mar 2 2021, 9:17AM (Reprint for education purposes only) What happens to homeowners [...]

  • Published On: February 24, 2021

    If you are behind on your mortgage, beware of mortgage relief scams. There is free foreclosure help. If anyone tries to charge you in advance for help or guarantees that [...]

  • The Arizona Statute of Limitations Applicable to Collection Lawsuits and Non-Judicial Trustee’s Foreclosure Sales of Real Property, article by Larry O. Folks, Folks Hess, PLLC (1/2021). Excerpts: Can a lender collect upon a promissory [...]

  • Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Bidding Requirements at a Sheriff’s Execution Sale of a Judgment Debtor’s “Homestead” Residence By Larry O. Folks • September 2020 (reprinted with permission of author) 10/29/20 [...]

  • Published On: October 11, 2020

    There is so much mis-information about a forbearance of home mortgages during COVID-19.  Know your options before making a decision not to pay your mortgage. Are you a 'planner' or a 'gambler'? Do you [...]

  • This is a difficult time for everyone – employer, employee, parents, and seniors.  Never decide to do something without understanding the consequences of those innocent actions. We all know it [...]