Can the home equity lender foreclosure on my home if there is no equity?

The answer is “yes”

Here is a question I am asked at least 2 to 3 times a week.  “I have both a mortgage and a line of credit on my home. If I default on the line of credit, can they foreclose on my home?  I am trying to refinance the first mortgage but no one will do it because the value of my house is about equal to the value of my mortgage and credit line debt. “

Answer: a loan secured against your home can always foreclose if they are not paid or some other default under the contract (deed of trust).  Many people seem to think that a home equity line of credit “HELOC” or line of credit, or second mortgage, cannot foreclose if they are not paid.  I am not sure where they get this idea, but it is pervasive, even among some realtors.  So, let’s set the record straight.  If you sign a Deed of Trust, Agreement for Sale or Mortgage the lender has a lien on your home.  If you do not pay the lien then the lender has a right to foreclose on the property.  The lender may also have a right to sue you for any losses.  I say “may” because the law of the state where the property is located will control.

A lender will not refinance unless the house is worth significantly more than you owe.  Since you owe on both the first and second loans, then the house must be worth at least 20% more.  That percentage could change depending on the type of loan.







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MUSINGS BY DIANE: “So, please talk to a good real estate attorney who is familiar with the foreclosure process in the state where the real property is located.  Do not just assume that you know the law.  Do not take advice from your realtor or best friend.  This is a situation that could haunt you for many, many years.”

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