• ANOTHER DOCUMENT PREPARATION SERVICE IN TROUBLE FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW – SAUNDRA EHRHARDT and AIRHARDT ENFORCEMENT SERVICE In re Munoz, 2:19-bk-05828 (7/3/2019)Judge Collins, Arizona bankruptcy judge, found Ms. Ehrhardt violated bankruptcy law and forced [...]

  • To Poor to File Bankruptcy: Hundreds of thousands of Americans are hounded mercilessly by debt collectors, but unable to afford to file for bankruptcy. Why Do Some Law Firms Act Like Used Car Sales Lots? [...]

  • Published On: April 26, 2015

    Hiring an attorney, or any professional, can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. This video has some helpful tips for interviewing a great attorney. Remember to do your research before hiring [...]

  • Hundreds of thousands of people try to save their homes are defrauded by “mortgage modification” and other scams. Desperate people find themselves and their family on the street after trying [...]

  • Morgan Drexen accused of deceiving consumers by charging fees related to “sham” bankruptcy services Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  filed its lawsuit in August 2013, against debt-relief services company Morgan Drexen.  The CFPB alleges, among [...]

  • I lost my business when I filed bankruptcy – why? There are very strict rules dictating how the process of bankruptcy works. The bankruptcy trustee must take specific actions in order to protect the bankruptcy [...]

  • Richard Sylvester Berry (disbarred lawyer and felon), Why Pay a Lawyer, admits to defrauding clients (again). Richard S. Berry, Why Pay a Lawyer, admits to committing bankruptcy fraud. This is not the first time Mr. [...]

  • Is your financial and personal information safe when filing a bankruptcy? The answer is a resounding "there is absolutely no guarantee". The other day a caller said "I used a document preparer or bankruptcy petition [...]

  • As an Arizona attorney with more than 25 years experience in bankruptcy and foreclosure I see people making desperate economic decisions they later regret. I deal with this behavior by mumbling under my breath (and [...]

  • Warning at the end of a Legalzoom TV ad "Legalzoom is not a law firm or a substitute for the advice of an attorney and provides self-help services at your specific direction." This warning lasts [...]

  • Diane’s steady hand, expertise and cool head, got us on the right track

    “Diane’s steady hand, expertise and cool head, got us on the right track.”  P.R. Our lives were spinning out of control. We were trying all kinds of “quick fix” gimmicks to get our finances in order following employment challenges and being small business [...]

  • I can not imagine being treated with more professionalism

    "I can not imagine being treated with more professionalism!" S. I want to express my appreciation to you and your assistant Jay for all your hard work. I can not imagine being treated with more professionalism and respect that you did. Going to the entire bankruptcy process [...]

  • Highly recommend Diane Drain!

    “Highly recommend Diane Drain!” J.P. I could not have made a better choice than Diane to help me with my bankruptcy case. During what is a very difficult and stressful time, she made things so easy to understand and the process could not have gone smoother. If [...]