Diane L. Drain, attorney, law professor and counselor

Working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is very important because bankruptcy is an extremely complicated legal procedure.  It is designed to protect both individuals and businesses that cannot meet their financial obligations.  Most importantly, bankruptcy is established in the United States Constitutional.  It is essential that you obtain good legal advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney before entering into this complex process.  Our office offers a free initial consultation.

I’ve been a consumer bankruptcy lawyer for over 25 years, and during that time I’ve seen information about bankruptcy go from non-existent to overwhelming.  It also ranges from competent to down right ridiculous.  As a law professor I am committed to educating the general public about bankruptcy.

There are thousands of Internet sites, articles, directories and blogs developed by lawyers and non-lawyers that provide absolutely no useful information, and some debt consolidation sites that are designed for the sole purpose of misleading the reader about bankruptcy and other possible options.

In order to help you navigate this morass of information, I present to you the top 9 bankruptcy law resources for consumers online (other than this site, of course).

  1. United States Bankruptcy Court
  2. US Department of Justice – US Trustee’s Program
  3. Bankruptcy Law Network
  4. National Association Of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  5. Bankruptcy in Brief
  6. Wall Street Journal: Bankruptcy Beat
  7. theBKBlog
  8. American Bankruptcy Institute

Diane L. DrainWe have several videos on our web site.

Below are a few that might be of interest:

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♦ “Options in Bankruptcy, with Notes on Getting help.”

♦ “Meet Ms. Drain and Suggestions on How to Hire an Attorney”

MUSINGS BY DIANE: “My hope is that you’ll use these resources when making a decision about whether bankruptcy’s right for you.  Remember, there’s a lot of information online or that your friends may offer – not all of it is reliable.  Some may be so wrong that you will be facing serious legal and financial consequences, despite your innocent intentions.”