Most of the “debt relief agencies” are scams. There is one organization that appears to be worthwhile – National Foundation of Consumer Credit Counseling, or

Big Banks Profit by Falsely Reporting Bankrupt Debts

According to an article in the New York Times, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase are finally agreeing to properly identify debts that were discharged in bankruptcy.  Related Post Citigroup to Pay Fannie Mae $968M for Loans New Round of Defaults of Mortgages in 2015 and 201… What is a Zombie Debt? Banks Are […]

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Another Loan Workout Nightmare, plus Resources for Saving Your Home: Arizona

Yet another loan workout or modification scam.  I am disgusted by the number of calls we receive every week detailing a company or lawyer who takes someone’s hard earned money and fails to deliver on their promise to modify the home mortgage.

CFPB Launches Massive Lawsuit – Debt Collectors, Payment Processors and others

Why is this “ground breaking”?  This is the first time that payment processors are held to the same standard of responsibility as the debt collectors.  Related Post CFPB To Oversee Student Loan Servicers Scam Arrest Warrants: Normally You Cannot Be Arres… OCWEN Slammed With $2 Billion Settlement 47% of Home Buyers Do Not Compare Mortgage […]

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CFPB vs Morgan Drexen – fraudulent debt “relief” assistance

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  filed its lawsuit in August 2013, against debt-relief services company Morgan Drexen.  The CFPB alleges, among other things, that  Morgan Drexen deceived consumers into paying unlawful up-front fees for debt relief services by disguising them as fees related to “sham” bankruptcy services. According to an article by Joanna M. Zdanys […]

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Increase in Credit Card Debt & Risky Home Loans

Related Post Credit Card Sold to Debt Collectors Quarterly Report on Household Debt & Credit Foreclosure Are Down 25 Percent

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Richard S. Berry, Why Pay a Lawyer, Pleads Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud

Related Post Mortgage Modification Frauds Diane received AVVO 2014 Top Contributor Award interview with Diane about her history by… Consumer advisory: Don’t fall for a foreclosure re… Short Sale and Foreclosure Frauds Continue Another Non-Profit Scheme to Steal Homes

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Am I Responsible for My Deceased Spouse’s Pre-marriage Debts?

This area of law turns on specific facts.  It is almost impossible to give a single answer for what you may think is a simple question.  First, the law of the state where you live or lived may control.  Second, a prior marriage or debts taken out before the current marriage may affect the answer.  […]

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Increase in Vehicle Title Loans Disasterous for the Poor

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Stories From a Bankruptcy Attorney – the good, the bad and the moronic.

Related Post Arizona exemptions laws to increase in 2013 Bankruptcy and family size – Unfair treatmen… CFPB Proposed changes to our Mortgage Servicing Ru… Scam Arrest Warrants: Normally You Cannot Be Arres… Removing a Judgment after Bankruptcy HARP (Freddie and Fannie) mortgage refinancing pro…

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CFPB Takes Action to End Student “Debt Relief” Scams

Related Post OCWEN Slammed With $2 Billion Settlement The Seamy World of Debt Collecting New Mortgage Lending Rules – CFPB Protecting… Scam Arrest Warrants: Normally You Cannot Be Arres… Debt Collectors Could Face New Rules CFPB To Oversee Student Loan Servicers

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