It is very important that you understand your options and the consequences of your choices.  The only person you can truly trust is yourself.  You know what you know, but you do not know what you do not know.  Leave your ego at the door when doing your research.  Don’t assume you understand what someone means, because their definition of a bird (flying animal) may be very different from yours (female). 

Be very careful when someone offers something for free.  FREE” does not mean free.  It means that you will pay dues later.  It may mean your free trip to the mountains comes with obligations to attend two days of intense sales pressure to buy a timeshare that no one wants.  It may mean you get a free puppy who hates your children (or it could mean life is perfect and everyone gets along).  My point is that ‘free’ is never free.  Take time to investigate why someone is offering something for free and what are you obligated to do in the long run.

– Diane L. Drain