Steps To Filing Bankruptcy

Filing a bankruptcy is not like buying a can of Classico spaghetti sauce; instead it is like getting a new pet. Now you think I am crazy, but I have your attention. You can shop the same brand of sauce in several stores and buy the cheapest one because you are assured that the same recipe is in each jar. Use that same analogy to getting a new pet. All the puppies in the litter look similar. You have no way of knowing which one will become a biter or continually shred everything in the house or yard.

A bankruptcy is like that new pet. With great advice, proper planning and a little luck the bankruptcy will go through without a hiccup. But, without all of those you will face a nightmare. Shopping for bankruptcy help based on solely on price will also have in dreadful results; like losing your tax refunds. Instead, shop for bankruptcy assistance with the same commitment you used in making important decisions, such as buying a car or house. Take your time and chose an attorney who is conscientious, experienced, caring and who you have a good rapport with.

How we help you?

Diane L. Drain, attorney, counselor and law professor

Our firm is Committed to Quality, not focused on Quantity. In other words, we treat our clients as individuals, with unique needs. We never treat clients like they have entered a used car sales lot. Some law firms refer their clients as “sales” and their staff as “inventory”. That is disgusting and will never be tolerated in my firm.

How much an attorney charges rarely reflects the quality of their work or their commitment to their clients.
Look for experienced attorney who offers personal one-on-one assistance. Do not gamble your financial future just to save a few dollars. Call several lawyers and compare their prices, their experience and their commitment to professionalism and their clients.

Be careful about an attorney or their staff’s attitude toward their clients. If they are rude, won’t answer questions or seems to treat you as though you have walked onto a used car sales lot – run. There are hundreds of very good bankruptcy attorneys. If you do not want to use our firm we will gladly give you the names of several very good bankruptcy attorneys.

If you choose to use our firm our firm’s job it to help you understand the entire process, what is happening and anticipate the next step. Filing for bankruptcy is not easy, it takes some concerted effort to make sure that all the information is correct. Using experienced legal counsel will make a difference in the process.