Cash America International, Inc., one of the largest payday lenders in the country, to pay $19 Million..

The company agreed to reimburse up to $14 million related to debt collection lawsuits and $5 million penalty for the violations and other misconduct.

November 20, 2013 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced an enforcement action against payday lender Cash America International, Inc., one of the largest short-term, small-dollar lenders in the country. The company has agreed to reimburse up to $14 million to approximately 14,000 people for robo-signing practices related to debt collection lawsuits. The company will also pay a $5 million penalty for the violations and other misconduct.

Problem with a payday loan? Submit a complaint online or by calling (855) 411-2372.

Think about the information you are giving this stranger: all your financial information, your children’s names, bank accounts and your social security number. You do this without the slightest guarantee that the information will be kept safe.

Did you borrow any payday loans in 2008 to 2012?  If so you may be eligible for a full refund if you paid money because of a collections lawsuit from January 1, 2008 through October 1, 2012 to any of the following companies:

Ohio Neighborhood Finance, Inc., d/b/a Cashland
Cash America Pawn, Inc. of Ohio
Cashland Financial Services, Inc.
Cash America Net of Ohio, LLC
Ohio Neighborhood Credit Solutions, Inc.
CNU of Ohio, LLC.

If you have not already received your refund from the payday loan lender, or think you received the wrong amount of refund, please contact the company administering the refund no later than May 19, 2014. You can call them at (877) 524-8480.

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On their face payday loans and title loans are a quick fix.  The problem is that once you take out just one ‘short term’ loan you will be paying on it for years because of the high interest.  The average interest rate is 300% to 800%.  One or two small loans will balloon to thousands of dollars.  If you used a vehicle title loan (or registration loan) you will probably lose your vehicle.

Do some research about these loans and the vermin who make the loans.

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