Normally we expect math and science to have specific answers, but not so much with medicine and law.  The answer may appear clear at one time, but then changes as new facts are known or if those with new view points get involved (like the appellate courts). 

In the practice of law the answer to most questions starts with “it depends”.  After that statement the lawyer goes on to ask for facts that depict that person’s unique situation.  That person answers the questions, many times guessing at what the lawyer meant by certain terms or giving the answer they think the lawyer wants to hear.  The lawyer then answers the question (based on what may be false “facts”), but adds “different courts may have a different answer and we cannot guess what the final answer will be”. 


Oh good!!  So how are you supposed to make an informed decision?  That is where the Rubik’s cube (pictured here) comes into play.  You solve one side (all the same color), but in solving the other sides the first side is messed up.  After many, many tries it is possible to solve all six sides, but meanwhile your life goes on.  You have made choices based on one interpretation of the law, only to find out that the interpretation was “wrong” according to a higher court and now all your decisions are wrong.  We tolerate (for the most part) this experimentation from our doctors, but assume that lawyers have the ability to predict the future.  They do not. But a good lawyer explains this dilemma, so you understand that there is no guarantee in life (other than death and taxes).  Be careful when trusting any doctor or lawyer who answers a complicated question with a firm, unqualified answer.

– Diane L. Drain
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