car dealer scamEver wondered what you should do if you are scammed by a car dealership or a car salesman?  What are the used car dealer tricks?  How do you avoid a car dealer lying to you about financing?

In order to be a victim you need to learn how to beat the salesman or dealership.

Below are a series of articles or links to various resources.  If you read them all you will see a pattern of lying, scheming and outright fraud.  Know their games before you are caught in their web of deceit.

Now don’t get me wrong – I really believe there are honest car dealers, but they are so few that they are painted with the same brush as all the bad ones.  Do your homework in order to avoid losing money, time and your senses.

Common Auto Dealer Scams – below are links to several articles:

car dealer scamCar Buying Scams Exposed

  1. The Old “Financing Fell Through Scam (aka Spot Delivery Scam)”
  2. The Classic “Lie To The Customer About Their Credit Score” Scam
  3. The Oops, “Forget To Pay Off Your Trade In” Scam
  4. The Immoral “Straw Purchase Scam”
  5. The Made Up “Your Online Lender Bounces Checks” Scam
  6. The High Pressure “Forced Warranty” Scam
  7. The Ridiculous “Dealer Prep” Scam (Excessive Fee)
  8. Watch out for “We’ll Payoff Your Car No Matter How Much You Owe!” Ads
  9. The Dangerous Previously Wrecked Used Car, Sold “As Is” Scam
  10. The Sneaky “We lowered your payments! Come back and re-sign!”

car dealer scamThere are several federal and state statutes in place that prohibit car dealer fraud and misrepresentation. While “lemon laws” cover the sale of defective vehicles, car dealer fraud laws are meant to protect consumers looking to purchase a car, truck, van, or motorcycle.

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