Here are some Arizona resources to help you find accurate information.

With every crisis comes thousands of scams trying to steal your money or your rights.  Do your homework before believing anyone, including friends or family (they may have also been scammed and not know it yet).


1)Community Legal Services, Arizona:

Community Legal Services (CLS) is dedicated to providing legal assistance, advice or representation, self-help materials and legal education so people can know their rights. We focus on helping survivors of domestic violence; assisting victims of consumer fraud and abuse, protecting tenants from unlawful/unfair practices by landlords, foreclosures, legal problems affecting agricultural workers, wage claims and other employment matters, and federal and state programs affecting peoples’ health and economic stability.

COVID-19 and Cares Act Information

CLS has a great library of articles, videos and links to information about COVID-19 and your rights.  There are weekly Friday webinars on topics ranging from tenants rights, eviction, subsidized housing, employment protecting your finances, Medicaid, domestic violence, family law, federal student loans, scams and fraud.  Check them out because you can be assured there is no intent to scam you of your hard-earned money.

COVID resources


The State Bar of Arizona Foundation AZLawHelp is a great resource for information about your legal rights, not just COVID related.  You will find unemployment benefits, housing, employment, family law, domestic violence, finances, courts, small business and finding help.

For bankruptcy information on AZLawHelp – check out this link. There are lots of questions and answers, plus you can find other resources, such as articles, hotlines, and organizations.

COVID resources

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