Have you received a demand that you pay a debt you don’t owe, or already paid?

Reprint of an article from the Federal Tradc Commission “FTC.gov”, September 29, 2020



Everyone receives calls that are scams.  Most of us see it for what it is – fraud.  But, the most vulnerable do not.  These criminals focus their attacks on our elderly and minorities.  Most are afraid to ask others for advice because they are afraid.  Afraid of what?  The elderly are afraid that their family may take away their freedom to make financial decisions.  The minorities are afraid to appear naive.  Some are afraid to draw any attention because they are undocumented.

Con artists count on these fears.  They don’t care about the consequences of their greed.  They don’t care that their victims don’t sleep at night or have health problems directly related to these snakes.  

What can you do?  Help educate everyone – even those who pretend they know everything (you know who I am talking about :-)).  Subscribe to reports from www.Consumer.FTC.gov/blog.  

– Diane L. Drain
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