Are your Wages being garnished? The sooner you take action the better. Talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

The other day a caller said “I used a document preparer or bankruptcy petition preparer. Certainly they have obligations to keep my social security number confidential?” Unfortunately I had to say “Oh how wrong you are.”

Don’t cut off the branch before you get off the tree (or at least not with your family on board).

Blake Ellis, writer for CNN Money, published an article that details the steps to go though if your wages are being garnished.  Blake’s article mentions that each state has a different exemption allowance for garnishment.  Arizona exemptions have the same 30% of the federal minimum hourly wages, per week or 75% of your net income, whichever is greater.  This limit does not apply to child support or alimony.  What the article does not point out is the right of a creditor to garnish your bank account (with no notice to you).


When someone contacts my office looking for a bankruptcy attorney in another state I usually refer them to the NACBA site (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys).

Never contract with someone you do not meet in person.  Do not assume that a lawyer is licensed; check them out with the state bar where they are licensed.  Look for reviews and references.  Lastly – unless you have lots of money to burn do not use the on-line legal services or document preparation.

Below are some videos that may help in your investigation about bankruptcy:

  • The Chapter 7 Process
  • The Chapter 13 Process



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