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foreclosure-homeThe Trustee, or her auctioneer, has the complete discretion to set specific rules and requirements related to the Trustee’s sale auction.  See our auctioneer’s outline.  Failure to comply with the rules and requirements will result in the Trustee or her auctioneer refusing to accept the offered bid or bids.  The Trustee, or her auctioneer, has the discretion to set minimum and maximum bid increments on all trustee’s sales.  A maximum incremental bid of $2,000 applies to all trustee’s sales of less than $250,000 principal.

In order to bid at the auction each bidder must present to the person conducting the trustee’s sale a deposit of $10,000 cash or cashier’s check (drawn on a national bank) payable to or endorsed to the Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A.  No other form of deposit will be accepted.  Every bidder must identify the name of the person or entity that will be named as Grantee on the Trustee’s Deed, no substitutions shall be permitted

By participating in any trustee’s sale conducted by or on behalf of our office you are agreeing:

(1) to comply with all terms of the auction and any requirements set forth herein or at the time of the auction.
(2) that such terms and conditions are binding upon you and those who you are acting for as agent, and upon those who may take title to the property after the trustee’s sale.
(3) that all properties are sold “as is” with no warranty as to condition or covenants as to title.
(4) If you do not agree with these conditions, then your sole remedy is not to participate in the trustee’s sale.
(5) that should you or any entity or person you are acting on behalf of, bring an action against the Trustee, and/or the Trustee’s auctioneer or agent, then such bidder and/or entity bringing such action shall be responsible to the Trustee, and/or the Trustee’s auctioneer or agent, for all fees and costs incurred in defending such action.
(6) to all terms and conditions set forth herein and in the auctioneer’s affidavit and outline (which any investor may be required to sign in order to participate in the auction).