“She is tireless in her advocacy for her clients” Dwayne Farnsworth

Diane Drain is a rare gem in the consumer legal field. She is tireless in her advocacy for her clients legal rights. She constantly networks, teaches, and mentors attorneys for the benefit of their clients, and the general community. When it comes to bankruptcy, real estate matters, or other consumer issues, Diane is prepared to represent her client needs in the most compassionate and professional way. Anyone looking to solve a real estate or financial problem needs to look no further for the best attorney in Arizona to assist their needs, and to guide them safely through to a brighter future and new hope. Diane is the attorney every lawyer should aspire to be in the way she benefits her clients, other attorney’s clients, members of the State Bar of Arizona, and all citizens of the State of Arizona. I could go on for hours about Diane, but I don’t need to. Schedule an appointment with Diane and you will immediately know what I am trying to say from the minute you meet her.