(reprint from FTC) Starting October 31, 2019, many members of the military will have access to free electronic credit monitoring, which can help them spot identity theft.

In response to a new FTC Rule implementing a 2018 law, the nationwide credit reporting agencies—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion—are providing free electronic credit monitoring services to active duty service members and National Guard members. Credit monitoring services can alert consumers to mistakes or problems with their credit reports that might stem from the unauthorized use of their personal information to obtain credit.

For details on how to sign up for the free credit monitoring, go to the websites for each of the credit reporting agencies. For information about how to dispute an error in a credit report, read Disputing Errors on Your Credit Report. To spot signs of, or recover from, identity theft, visit Identitytheft.gov.

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bankruptcySome of you may know that my husband is a Vietnam vet (Marines).  It sickens me when I read about sleazes who rip off our veterans.  These young men or woman have elected to put themselves in harms way (just like our first responders).  It is beyond me why anyone would to steal from another, but unfortunately that is the world we live in.  Learn to protect yourself and others around you by diligently monitoring your credit and taking responsibility for other important financial issues.