“Your process and approach are clear, comprehensive, and thoughtful” A.J.

Your process and approach are clear, comprehensive, and thoughtful. You treated us with the utmost respect and left no stone unturned in helping us to sort through and make appropriate decisions from our first meeting through the final phase of the process. In fact, your process alone is more than worth your fee. The quality and extensive documentation, Q&A, plus your anticipation of potential challenges and roadblocks were especially complete and helpful.

But it is your personal style, commitment to upholding the detailed level of review required to ensure client fulfillment of obligations under this difficult and complex process, and your willingness to patiently review topics, as well as your willingness to really listen and respond forthrightly to our questions and “special circumstances” that probably every client has that really stands out to us. As a couple who have never before experienced the kind of setbacks that ultimately led us to the decision to file Chapter 7 you focused on our case, did not treat us as a “cookie cutter” case and helped us navigate the process in a way that preserved dignity and focused on a successful outcome. We are most grateful for your and Jay’s professional approach and your commitment to providing outstanding support that we will always remember.