“You have help me once again attain the American dream…” J.R.

I first met Diane Drain in September 2008 when she agreed to represent me in my Bankruptcy filing. It was a difficult decision for me as I had always had outstanding credit and prided myself on being responsible and trustworthy. But, with my marriage of 30 years ending, the housing market sliding (I was upside down in the home), I had spent most of my savings and resources just to keep my head above water and then, I started sinking financially into a bottomless pit of debt. Bankruptcy was the best solution for me and that was a hard realization. Diane Drain handled my case with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She kept me informed in all aspects of the case as it moved through the Court system. My Bankruptcy was discharged in Jan 2009 and Diane had advised me of the negative changes that would occur to my credit report. She also educated me, that the BK was a fresh start and my credit could be rebuilt with hard work and patience on my part. I want to inform others who may be going through the bankruptcy process, that with time, hard work and informed financial decisions, you can climb out of the lowest financial point in your life and achieve the highest point again.

In the 3 years since my Bankruptcy, I have worked my credit score back to 700 , I purchased a new vehicle in Oct 2011 and I just closed on a new home and mortgage in May 2012. All this was possible by the knowledge, skill and expertise Diane Drain has as a Bankruptcy attorney. To Diane I again say thank you. You have help me once again attain the American dream…