“To file bk was a very hard decision to have to make” A.C.

To file bk was a very hard decision to have to make. I felt like a failure. In my early 20’s my husband and I bought a home and financed it using an arm loan. Long story short…we trusted a lot of people we shouldn’t have. We thought we were asking all the right questions, but there was so much we didn’t know. The economy tanked about the time our arm adjusted and our monthly payment skyrocketed. We worked with the lender for months to get a modification, just to be put back into another arm loan with a higher payment. After a year on the modification we realized we were back in the same place we were previously….arm loan set to adjust during a recession. So we decided to short sale. It felt like the right thing to do. Just up and walking away from the home seemed so dishonest. The first and second mortgage would both make money off the short sale and we would sleep at night knowing we did as much as we could right in a bad situation. Wrong! Another thing we learned the hard way is that the 2nd mortgage can, and will, agree to a settlement and then sue you for the rest. We tried, and TRIED, to work out a payment plan with them, but they refused. They wanted all or nothing. That’s when I went looking for an attorney and found Diane. On a personal and professional level I couldn’t have dreamt of a better person to be on my side. She knows the law and wants us to know the law. She was concerned about our future financial welfare. My experience with her was not- pay a fee, file, and good luck. My experience with her was that of a protective loving mentor. She wants people to succeed in life and gives you the tools to do so. I can’t recommend her enough and will be forever grateful for finding her!