“This has made a huge difference in my life” D.S.

I approached Diane with a large debt problem. Although I was working with a company to pay down the debt, one of the credit card companies decided to sue me. This would have destroyed all my pay-back efforts. Quite frankly I was scared about having to deal with a big credit card company in court. I think they were about to roll me. I sought help from Diane with some degree of trepidation. But Diane was able to explain everything to me even though I was under a lot of personally imposed stress. Diane understood all the emotions that were flowing through me and kept me relaxed enough to get through the entire process. She was part Lawyer, part Psychologist, and part Mother Hen. It was exactly what I needed. I really can’t say that going through Chapter 7 was fun, but Diane made the process acceptable and kept me focused when I needed to be focused. I absolutely recommend Diane to anyone considering walking down this path. Thank you Diane. This has made a huge difference in my life.