“The BEST! – Five Stars” K.

I had filed for Chapter 7 with Diane and it was the easiest most stress free process. My wife and I were considering for months on just what to do since this was my first time filing and we got different or incomplete answers from the lawyers we talked with which did not help and lead me to put off filing. My wife found Diane and when we consulted with her I immediately felt more at ease as she answered every question no matter how ridiculous I felt to ask and gave me sound advice. More important was that my wife felt we can trust her with how patient and well informed she was which helped with her anxiety and meant the world to me. Diane and her husband Jay are cool, salt of the earth people who REALLY want to help! Hands down the “scary” experience of bankruptcy was not scary at all and we retained her immediately. She was kind, knew what she was talking about and kept me very well informed with each step as we went along. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services and I cannot be more grateful to her for all she did in helping me get through my bankruptcy. Good woman and AMAZING lawyer!