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"Diane and Jay did an excellent job" S.K.

Diane and Jay did an excellent job and my wife and I could not be happier. She was able to help us keep the assets that were important to our family and answered our questions along the way. Very knowledgeable and professional. Diane came very highly recommended to us by a long time family friend who is also an attorney. Would not hesitate to recommend their services.


"You allowed me to be human and treated me with dignity." K.M.

I know that you are acutely aware of how deeply emotional and draining financial problems are. You took the time to talk with me about our foreclosure and 2nd mortgage. You allowed me to be human and treated me with dignity. Thank you for your time, expertise, and kindness.


Diane helped guide me through the bankruptcy every step of the way, with a very calm demeanor. D.W.

If you have to file bankruptcy, I recommend you hire Diane Drain. After speaking to 3 other bankruptcy attorneys before Diane, I believe I know the difference between a knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy bankruptcy attorney, and one who is not. Diane helped guide me through the bankruptcy every step of the way, with a very calm demeanor, which I really needed. My debts have now been discharged, and I have never been happier!


I will never forget how much they helped me get my life back. R.A.


As you can imagine, filing for bankruptcy can be stressful. Finding the right attorney can add to this stress. Working with Diane and Jay to guide me through this difficult process was the best decision I could have made. They are professional and kind, and a true pleasure to work with. I will never forget how much they helped me get my life back.

"answered all of my questions thoroughly" E.L.

Diane and Jay were amazing! They made everything so easy and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I appreciate all the help and guidance I received throughout my filing experience. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking into bankruptcy.

I have a much clearer understanding of my choices and that has made the financial challenges much easier to deal with. T.P.

Feeling the questionable unease of financial hardship can be one of life’s most serious challenges; not knowing where to turn for information, who to trust, and how to proceed once you have the information can be overwhelming. I was feeling lost and out-of-control not knowing what to do next and so I contacted the offices of Diane Drain. What I found was a person capable of compassion, empathy, and in my case, a person capable of giving enough information to steer me in a direction of meaning. At this point in time I have not gone down the road of bankruptcy; however, I now have a much clearer understanding of my choices and that has made the financial challenges much easier to deal with. I am indebted to Diane not only for providing her vast knowledge of Bankruptcy law, but the generosity of time she gave me when we went beyond the 30 minute free referral. I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you’re having any financial challenges!

A fresh start feels so good! I am now looking forward to purchasing a home in the near future. L.T.

I had the wonderful experience of working with Diane Drain to get me through the bankruptcy process. Diane was a Law Professor for many years. She knows the law VERY WELL. I was having trouble with payroll judgement deductions as well as the inability to purchase a home. All of the legal issues and stress is over and has been discharged in the bankruptcy. A fresh start feels so good! I am now looking forward to purchasing a home in the near future. Also a big thank you to Jay the Paralegal who also assisted. Thank you so Much Diane!!!


"Thank you so much for your help." S.

Thank you so much for your help. I feel very good about my decision and I’m so very glad I chose you to represent me.

“The BEST! – Five Stars” K.

I had filed for Chapter 7 with Diane and it was the easiest most stress free process. My wife and I were considering for months on just what to do since this was my first time filing and we got different or incomplete answers from the lawyers we talked with which did not help and lead me to put off filing. My wife found Diane and when we consulted with her I immediately felt more at ease as she answered every question no matter how ridiculous I felt to ask and gave me sound advice. More important was that my wife felt we can trust her with how patient and well informed she was which helped with her anxiety and meant the world to me. Diane and her husband Jay are cool, salt of the earth people who REALLY want to help! Hands down the “scary” experience of bankruptcy was not scary at all and we retained her immediately. She was kind, knew what she was talking about and kept me very well informed with each step as we went along. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services and I cannot be more grateful to her for all she did in helping me get through my bankruptcy. Good woman and AMAZING lawyer!


"It was clear she cared and was committed to helping people." Posted on AVVO Anonymous 

When I made my decision to file for bankruptcy I did some research. I went through a link on the U.S. court website and read a lot online. Referrals from the court website didn’t include many local lawyers who were willing to list their fees. Not all the lawyers listed gave their fees but Ms. Drain did. Her fee was in the ballpark for me – not the very lowest and not the highest. I visited a few attorneys and they would give me a pile of papers to fill out and then their staff would input the information for an extra $1000! Who needs that, when I’m just as capable, or more, to enter my own information. When I then compared websites and saw Ms. Drain’s I immediately knew I was in the right place – in that her site has so much information about bankruptcy etc. with history, stories, financial information. It was clear she cared and was committed to helping people in financial distress. She is clearly a teacher. I especially liked her personal, caring tone -that showed compassion – in writing and in person – not the normal thing you think of with attorneys! I was able to do the process almost entirely online – which made it quick and easy for me. Yes, you have to get all your details together at home – but that’s not hard. I think by having to enter all the information and with quick responses to questions from Ms. Drain’s associate it was a way for me to take responsibility for the process and thus feel better about it in the end. They were very responsive, efficient, and most of all caring which made the process go quickly and feel good. I’m now heartened, and not cynical, about my experience with an attorney.

I knew what to do and what to expect every step of the way thanks to your guidance and insistence that I take responsibility for my case. I greatly appreciate that! Not to mention, both you and Jay are wonderful people. Thanks so much!

"Thanks to your guidance and insistence that I take responsibility for my case" S.Z.

“Made the Bankruptcy process very understandable and helpful” P.H.

Diane’s expertise and solid experience and instructions made my entire Bankruptcy process very understandable and helpful! Her guidelines helped tremendously. The entire process would have daunting without her professional help. Anytime I need any professional legal help in the future she will be the first one I call and recommend to my closest family and friends!


"You made an unexpected, uncomfortable experience easy." J. & H.

You made an unexpected, uncomfortable experience easy to get thru and recover and move on in our lives!. Thank – you are the best.

“Top-notch attorney” Christian Lassen

Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

"She was honest and upfront with us and really knows her subject matter" H.P.

five-starMy wife and I had several questions and concerns regarding our home and a second mortgage which the lender is unwilling to work with us. After jumping through numerous hoops and an endless paper trails we were denied a loan modification. After sitting down with Diane and going over all our options, it was clear to us what our next strategy was to be dealing with our situation. She was honest and upfront with us and really knows her subject matter. All of our questions were answered and if anything arises in the future(and it probably will) she stresses please don’t hesitate to call her. We strongly suggest if you in the market for an attorney to deal with your legal matters you reach out to Diane-we were not disappointed.

“She represents her clients with excellence and integrity” Mae Innabi

Diane is a great bankruptcy attorney and I have no hesitation in referring potential clients to her. I know she will represent them with excellence and integrity.

“Diane and Jay were excellent” R.B.

Diane and Jay were excellent. They were very patient with all the questions we had during the process. I would recommend them for anyone who needs help.

“You folks are the BEST OF THE BEST in Arizona” M.H.

You and Jay are the best attorneys I have ever had or needed and thank God for the Honorable Robert Gottsfield in recommending you folks – I would have never made it through the entire process without you and Jay and God Bless you both always and stay in touch as well. You folks are the BEST OF THE BEST in Arizona.

“Highly recommend Diane Drain!” J.P.

I could not have made a better choice than Diane to help me with my bankruptcy case. During what is a very difficult and stressful time, she made things so easy to understand and the process could not have gone smoother. If you are looking for the right lawyer to help you with your case, do not hesitate to use Diane!!


"I never felt ashamed about my decision because you were so kind to me!" E.B.

*I never felt ashamed about my decision because you were so kind to me about my situation. I thank you for you kindness and compassion as I struggled with my decision. I also thank you for your integrity for allowing me to move the processes as slowly as I did and not charging me any additional fee’s! Thank you for everything Diane and Jay! Thank you for the tissues as I cried about my life… and you were kind enough to listen. Your guidance and support is the only thing that kept me from loosing my mind through this very stressful and confusing process. Not once did you ever make me feel stupid because I didn’t understand the process. You are appreciated greatly!

It felt like we had some friends who cared about us. S.D.

My husband and I wanted to begin the process of starting our bankruptcy, but it’s really scary not knowing who you can trust and who would step up to bat for you. Diane and Jay really did that, it felt like we had some friends who cared about us and took their time to walk us through each step with compassion and no judgment what so ever! I would refer them to any and all of my closest family and friends if they were in need of a bankruptcy! Thank you both for taking care of us and taking the time!!

“Experience more comfortable and professional than expected” D & D.S.

Our experience with you as council was so much more comfortable and professional than I expected. You are simply the best. I recommend anyone who has the unfortunate situation of being faced with bankruptcy to seek your service. Thank you, and be blessed.

“She is a lawyer who cares deeply” Elizabeth Kamper

Diane is an excellent mentor for young bankruptcy lawyers and I have personally benefited greatly from the experience of being one of her mentees. She is a lawyer who cares deeply not only about her clients but about the legal community.

"It was a pleasure and privilege to be your client." K.

Thank you. It was a pleasure and privilege to be your client. I am continually grateful that I was led to you to help me through my bankruptcy process. You are truly the best of the best and it would be a welcome honor to share my most wonderful and painless experience I had with you as my guide and wise counsel with anyone at any time. I have never read directions and followed rules more thoroughly in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your master-planned website and life experience in this profession to make sure I remained educated and on track throughout. For your guidance, infinite knowledge and wisdom, professional-counsel and encouragement, I am most grateful. I sing your and Jay’s praises from the rooftops for the array of help and guidance I received.

"It is a lot of work to prepare, but….we are more prepared for a better future" L & A.Q.

My wife and I would like to thank Diane and Jay for their hospitality, thoroughness and patience. With the hard decision of wanting to file bankruptcy, they showed no judgment. It is a lot of work to prepare, but the the Law Office of Diane Drain walks you step by step. We appreciate your help, advice and recommendations as we are more prepared for a better future.


"I couldn't have done it -- wouldn't have dreamed of even trying -- without you and Jay. You're the very best!D.C.

For a review I decided to do something a little different, which is to adapt my last email letter because it illustrates my elation and good spirits after completing the bankruptcy experience with the noble assistance and guidance of Diane and Jay:  "Hi Diane, thank you for the two recent emails: 'Good news -- your discharge was entered,' and especially this one, 'Great news -- your case is now closed!'  Hallelujah, I just love it so! Thank you so much for your diligent work and wise guidance all along the way. Now to think of a proper celebration, in the spirit of your 'fireworks' email. For starters, I just might take my dogs (my spirit warriors) through the Dairy Queen drive-thru where they have free 'pup cups' for any dogs on board (as well as a Blizzard with my name on it, no doubt!) Also, now that it's all over but the shouting, you can count on me for a very favorable review, as well. I couldn't have done it -- wouldn't have dreamed of even trying -- without you and Jay. You're the very best! Thanks again!" Respectfully, D.C.



"We were extremely pleased !" Anonymous

We were extremely pleased with the quality and level of support you and Jay provided. We had shopped around a bit before contacting you and once we did the comparison with other attorneys and bankruptcy “mills” was extremely and significantly positive.

“Diane is a leader in the legal community” Judy Zimet

Diane is a leader in the legal community who creates time to advise and mentor other attorneys, thereby raising the level of the profession.

"Rated high among her peers" Anonymous

Ms. Drain helped make a very difficult time more bearable. She treated us with the utmost respect and caring while pushing us to get together the paperwork needed to get us to the best possible end result. It was very obvious that her peers held her in high esteem. I even had another attorney tell me we had one of the best attorneys out there. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services. Rate Ms. Drain’s services: 5.0 out of 5.0

“Diane is a great bankruptcy lawyer” Eric Ollason

Diane Drain is a great bankruptcy lawyer and a pleasure to work with. The field of bankruptcy is lucky to have her as a lawyer practicing in this area.


My Mantra

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us.  What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”  -Albert Pike

Our clients include both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy, those involved in trustee’s sales, foreclosures and forcible entry and detainers.

At the conclusion of our representation we ask each client to review our services. We are pleased to say that our average grade is an “A” or “Five Stars”. Personal referrals are gladly provided on request.

“Our reputation is built on our client’s trust that we could help them during a very difficult time. Our commitment to each client is to provide them the best guidance we can.”

Diane L. Drain

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As an attorney, retired law professor and counselor I hold my duty as a lawyer in the utmost respect. Our Creed of Professionalism is not just a theory – it is how I try to conduct myself daily.


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