“Mrs. Drain is very direct and clear.” Anonymous

When my wife and I first considered bankruptcy we contacted one of the TV advertised law firms that specializes in bankruptcy law. On our appointment we met a group of the most inept people I have ever met. It was exactly the same as trying to buy a used car on Van Buren.
Later I told a friend of our experience and I said I don’t want to file a bankruptcy and deal with “that” kind of people. He quickly corrected my thinking and recommended The Law Office of Diane Drain.

On my first visit it was a pleasure to have someone explain the process so thoroughly. Mrs. Drain is very direct and clear on required documentation and what was required by us. We followed her instructions to the letter and the whole process went very smoothly.
In my 65 years I have dealt with a lot of people in the corporate world and I feel Mrs. Drain and her staff offer integrity and professionalism second to none.