“Just wanted to share our story so you can share with others that come in” K.T.

Diane I just wanted to give you an update on us. We filed bk with you representing us about 7 years ago now. Just wanted you to know we are doing very well. We did listen to you and have no credit card debt to this day. We purchased a home 3 years ago but stayed way under our budget. We bought vehicles but both vehicles are a lot cheaper than what we could have purchased and the one is almost paid off and we have owned it a year. Vehicles are our weakness. We would like to get better in that area.

We have only paid interest on our vehicles and home since we filed. We try to follow Dave Ramsey as much as possible. So paying off everything is our goal. I am doing amazing in real estate now and my husband is still at UPS and doing well.

That was the hardest time in our life and it was rough on our marriage and mental state. We ended up needing counseling 2 years ago for our marriage and our counselor said our problems started 5 years ago and wanted to know what happen then. Well that’s when we filed.  I don’t know how people file every 10 years. Thank you for bringing us out of the mess we got ourselves in. We plan on never being in that situation ever again we look at money and credit very differently now. Just wanted to share our story so you can share with others that come in. It is not an easy road to just file bk. Take care and thank you.

Followup  from client : please tell people that the first year is hard but after doing a lot of research on how to build our credit by reading bk forums we were able to get back to doing very well. Now we have credit scores in the 740-750 range.  So, yes it isn’t the end all, but it isn’t easy either you have to buckle down and not blame each other as well.  It happens to more people that the public realizes.

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