“It was clear she cared and was committed to helping people.” Posted on AVVO Anonymous 

When I made my decision to file for bankruptcy I did some research. I went through a link on the U.S. court website and read a lot online. Referrals from the court website didn’t include many local lawyers who were willing to list their fees. Not all the lawyers listed gave their fees but Ms. Drain did. Her fee was in the ballpark for me – not the very lowest and not the highest. I visited a few attorneys and they would give me a pile of papers to fill out and then their staff would input the information for an extra $1000! Who needs that, when I’m just as capable, or more, to enter my own information. When I then compared websites and saw Ms. Drain’s I immediately knew I was in the right place – in that her site has so much information about bankruptcy etc. with history, stories, financial information. It was clear she cared and was committed to helping people in financial distress. She is clearly a teacher. I especially liked her personal, caring tone -that showed compassion – in writing and in person – not the normal thing you think of with attorneys! I was able to do the process almost entirely online – which made it quick and easy for me. Yes, you have to get all your details together at home – but that’s not hard. I think by having to enter all the information and with quick responses to questions from Ms. Drain’s associate it was a way for me to take responsibility for the process and thus feel better about it in the end. They were very responsive, efficient, and most of all caring which made the process go quickly and feel good. I’m now heartened, and not cynical, about my experience with an attorney.