• Published On: June 29, 2022

    Any right to a tax return that you had when you filed bankruptcy is an asset of your bankruptcy estate that belongs to your creditors. Depending on the terms of your plan, you may be [...]

  • Possibly, however it is contingent on a number of things. A “lien strip” is the term for this procedure. You must calculate the worth of your home as well as the amount of debt outstanding [...]

  • Yes, however the lender will only approve the loan modification if you get permission from the Bankruptcy Court and the Bankruptcy Trustee. The lender cannot be forced to amend the loan by the Bankruptcy Court. [...]

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question; it is determined by the lender, trustee, and court. However, you must first seek legal counsel from your attorney. Before you go on this journey, you’ll need [...]

  • Every debtor who is self-employed or owns a business is required to file a “Business Operating Statement” on a monthly basis. A person who is self-employed, whether full-time or part-time, is considered self-employed. For the [...]

  • For payments paid into the plan, the Trustee serves as the disbursing agent. The Trustee also evaluates the plan and challenges those that do not, in the Trustee’s opinion, fulfill the Bankruptcy Code’s criteria [...]

  • The Debtor may not submit any papers to the Bankruptcy Court until he or she is confident that the information is (1) accurate; and (2) supported by existing law or a good faith case for [...]