“Diane uses her website to promote the education of the bankruptcy process available to everyone” T & G. W.

We found ourselves in a financial tsunami 2 yrs ago. No matter how we did things the financial outlook was getting worse and worse. We finally decided we needed to investigate options. Once we found Diane Drains website and started to learn what the process of bankruptcy entailed we felt there could be an answer for us. We made an appoint to speak with Diane and decided this was the path we needed to take. While we were getting our documents in order and other paperwork completed, we became bogged down once again thinking maybe we can try something else, something different. So after delaying almost a year longer in April of 2017 we finally jumped onboard @ 100%. Diane and Jay were great guiding us and making sure we had all the items needed completed. They filed, kept us informed, went to the Trustee’s meeting with us, and kept us inform during the entire process. They made the whole process less painful and manageable. We owe a debt of gratitude for Diane having the wisdom to use her website to promote the education of the bankruptcy process available to everyone. If it had not been for her well thought out website and the detailed information we would have had to take our chances with the process. If you find yourself totally stressed and unsure of how you can repair your financial health, you can rest assured that Diane and Jay will do what is needed to get you through the process. They’ll give you peace of mind once again.

Additional note: 0ne of the things I forgot to put in there was the personal service especially the day of the trustee’s meeting.  There were a minimum of 4 people that were meeting their lawyers for the first time. One lawyer asked us twice what our name was. She waited another five minutes and then asked again and I quote ” are you SURE your not the Thomas’s?”  I’m pretty sure we know who we are and that is not us.” We thought at the time how odd that was that so many people would not have taken the time to actually meet before hand. Very odd.