Diane understands that a simple mistake could cost you in many ways. J.D.

After choosing to file bankruptcy, I selected another attorney at first, which was a huge mistake. He offered payment plans which seemed to be a good choice at the time. However, his lack of communication and errors in my documents filed with the court were going to cost me in the long run! I fired him and chose to work with Diane and Jay instead, which turned out to be the right decision. Her professional guidance and continuous communication helped me get back on track with filing my case correctly. You cannot afford to make mistakes when filing bankruptcy, or it will cost you. Diane will guide you in the right direction at all times. She was firm and held me accountable for providing the required documents, and even though she was very busy, always made me feel important and welcome, too. She understands that a simple mistake could cost you in many ways, and works very hard to avoid this. Bankruptcy is a delicate situation and one that can be overwhelming. Diane will guide you through it, with very clear and detailed instructions, and excellent communication. Her knowledge of the law and her expertise are second to none, and I highly recommend her!