Assisted in identifying and helping me successfully navigate any pitfalls. R.G.

Diane Drain and Jay provided professional, comprehensive services and support through every step of the bankruptcy process, were always available to answer questions. Diane has developed an extensive array of handouts and email templates that addressed every component of the process that a client is experiencing. These handouts and templates address every aspect of the process and serve as excellent guides and reference materials as you are struggling through what can be a very painstaking ordeal.

Diane and Jay were both, very knowledgeable, and very supportive during the entire process, and also assisted in identifying and helping me successfully navigate any pitfalls that I otherwise would not have been aware of. I highly recommend Diane Drain’s Law Office because I received one on one personal advice and guidance from her as needed, compared with the larger law firms where you seldom get to speak with, or receive guidance from the attorney, and instead are serviced by paralegals and other assistants. Diane and Jay made me feel confident through what otherwise would have been a harrowing experience. I recommend them 100%! Thank you Diane and Jay!