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Diane L. Drain

My Mantra:

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us.  What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”  -Albert Pike

Our clients include both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy, those involved in trustee’s sales, foreclosures and forcible entry and detainers.

At the conclusion of our representation we ask each client to review our services. We are please to say that our average grade is an “A” or “Five Stars”. Personal referrals are gladly provided on request.

Our reputation is built on our client’s trust that we could help them during a very difficult time. Our commitment to each client is to provide them the best guidance we can.

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We invite you to read reviews from our clients and other professionals who know Diane, or you are welcome to leave your own review:

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Our clients seek our help at time their lives are turned upside down; most are scared and just want a calm nights sleep.  Our responsibility is to guide our clients toward that peaceful sleep, but requires their hard work.   Many of these reviews describe their successful travel to that peaceful life.


Ms. Drain ranks 5.0 out of 5.0 for over all client rating on Martindale Hubbell (a site for lawyers).

September 2019

September 4th, 2019|

Diane answered everything promptly with additional information. E.H.

Diane is a very informative, thorough, highly intelligent and respectful individual and lawyer. Any questions or concerns I had throughout my bankruptcy, she answered everything promptly with additional information. I recommend her services 100%!! Nothing but the highest praise for her and Jay.

September 4th, 2019|

You made us feel as though we were your friend; for that we are grateful.. I & A.F.

We want to thank you for taking our bankruptcy case. It was a time in our life when we were emotionally, and financially distressed. You put our minds, and emotions, at ease, by confronting each of these issues. You made us feel as though we were your friend; for that we are grateful. We would recommend your service to anyone facing these same difficulties and needing someone to guide them through such struggling times. Forever Grateful.

September 4th, 2019|

Diane understands that a simple mistake could cost you in many ways. J.D.

After choosing to file bankruptcy, I selected another attorney at first, which was a huge mistake. He offered payment plans which seemed to be a good choice at the time. However, his lack of communication and errors in my documents filed with the court were going to cost me in the long run! I fired him and chose to work with Diane and Jay instead, which turned out to be the right decision. Her professional guidance and continuous communication helped me get back on track with filing my case correctly. You cannot afford to make mistakes when filing bankruptcy, or it will cost you. Diane will guide you in the right direction at all times. She was firm and held me accountable for providing the required documents, and even though she was very busy, always made me feel important and welcome, too. She understands that a simple mistake could cost you in many ways, and works very hard to avoid this. Bankruptcy is a delicate situation and one that can be overwhelming. Diane will guide you through it, with very clear and detailed instructions, and excellent communication. Her knowledge of the law and her expertise are second to none, and I highly recommend her!

September 4th, 2019|

Highly recommend Diane and Jay. C.T.

Diane and Jay were not only very knowledgeable and patient, but they took time to educate me and point me to the resources I needed. Diane and Jay walked me through every step and worked with me through any confusion or questions I had. They understood how difficult this process is and made me feel supported. I am forever grateful to have found and worked with them.  I highly recommend them!

September 3rd, 2019|

It felt like we had some friends who cared about us. S.D.

My husband and I wanted to begin the process of starting our bankruptcy, but it’s really scary not knowing who you can trust and who would step up to bat for you. Diane and Jay really did that, it felt like we had some friends who cared about us and took their time to walk us through each step with compassion and no judgment what so ever! I would refer them to any and all of my closest family and friends if they were in need of a bankruptcy! Thank you both for taking care of us and taking the time!!

September 3rd, 2019|

A fresh start feels so good! I am now looking forward to purchasing a home in the near future. L.T.
I had the wonderful experience of working with Diane Drain to get me through the bankruptcy process. Diane was a Law Professor for many years. She knows the law VERY WELL. I was having trouble with payroll judgement deductions as well as the inability to purchase a home. All of the legal issues and stress is over and has been discharged in the bankruptcy. A fresh start feels so good! I am now looking forward to purchasing a home in the near future. Also a big thank you to Jay the Paralegal who also assisted. Thank you so Much Diane!!!

September 2nd, 2019|


I will never forget how much they helped me get my life back. R.A.


As you can imagine, filing for bankruptcy can be stressful. Finding the right attorney can add to this stress. Working with Diane and Jay to guide me through this difficult process was the best decision I could have made. They are professional and kind, and a true pleasure to work with. I will never forget how much they helped me get my life back.

August 2019

August 25th, 2019|

You literally saved my sanity and helped me get back on track. D.S.

Diane Drain and her paralegal, Jay McClimon were absolutely top-notch and experienced in every respect. She’s experienced, kind, and compassionate – 3 qualities you really want in a bankruptcy attorney. I had been feeling very paralyzed for 2 years, knowing I needed to file for a Chapter 7, but overwhelmed and, frankly, terrified of the process. After months of panic attacks, sleepless nights and anxiety, I realized: I can’t live this way. I spoke to several lawyers and got a lot of bad advice (“quit your job”). Finally, a friend referred me to Diane. She patiently and guided me through a process that I simply could not have done without her. And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had built it up to be in my mind. After 3 months, the Chapter 7 was discharged and closed. It’s now in my rear-view mirror and I can focus on rebuilding my life. Thank you, Diane and Jay. You literally saved my sanity and helped me get back on track.

July 2019

July 26th, 2019|

Diane has a very calm confidence because she knows the laws inside and out.  L.D.

Diane is very smart, patient, kind and sincere. I am a better person for knowing her. I was so nervous to call and start the process but Diane made everything seem easy. I think Diane has a very calm confidence because she knows the laws inside and out.

My situation was complicated but she made it simple. She lives her mantra- definitely. Diane’s mantra from her website- “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal” Albert Pike

July 25th, 2019|

No one wants to go through bankruptcy. But if you do find yourself in that position, it’s not the end of the world. If you need someone to help you get through the bankruptcy process, choose Diane. She won’t let you down.  L. A.

 If you find yourself in the situation where you have to go through bankruptcy proceedings, there is no better persons that Diane and Jay. She treats you as if you were her only clients, and shows compassion for your circumstances. She will not lead you astray. The one thing that sets her apart in my mind, is that she encourages you to move forward; that bankruptcy is not the end and you can use the lessons learned from this challenge to do better. She even gifted us a Dave Ramsey book, Starting Over. That was back in early 2015. Boy, was she right! Since then, we embarked on a journey of becoming debt free and paying off the remaining debts. Never again do we want to go through that process again. Now more than five years later, my husband and I have one more month and we will finish paying off our last remaining debt. No one wants to go through bankruptcy. But if you do find yourself in that position, it’s not the end of the world. If you need someone to help you get through the bankruptcy process, choose Diane. She won’t let you down.

July 22nd, 2019|

Thank you both for taking care of us and taking the time!! D.K.

My husband and I wanted to begin the process of starting our bankruptcy, but it’s really scary not knowing who you can trust and who would step up to bat for you. Diane and Jay really did that, if felt like we had some friends who cared about us and took their time to walk us through each step with compassion and no judgment what so ever! I would refer them to any and all of my closest family and friends if they were in need of a bankruptcy! Thank you both for taking care of us and taking the time!!

July 3rd, 2019|

Diane was patient in providing clear direction and advice. A.T.

Mrs. Drain made a very stressful time in my life easier to manage by providing detailed direction through my bankruptcy process. From day one I felt comfortable with Dian and Jay in addition to feeling confident with my decision to file. She is always quick to respond to my questions and was patient in providing clear direction and advice. I would highly recommend Mrs. Drain to anyone in need of her law services.
The Best.

September 2018

September 22nd, 2018|

“helps to ensure that your assets are protected” R.B.

Diane is very detailed, and although it may be overwhelming it is in your best interest to do EXACTLY what she says to do. Follow her directions, be organized and prepared. This helps to ensure that your assets are protected, and the Bankruptcy is discharged. I appreciated her patience and professionalism.

September 22nd, 2018|

“The BEST! – Five Stars” K.

I had filed for Chapter 7 with Diane and it was the easiest most stress free process. My wife and I were considering for months on just what to do since this was my first time filing and we got different or incomplete answers from the lawyers we talked with which did not help and lead me to put off filing. My wife found Diane and when we consulted with her I immediately felt more at ease as she answered every question no matter how ridiculous I felt to ask and gave me sound advice. More important was that my wife felt we can trust her with how patient and well informed she was which helped with her anxiety and meant the world to me. Diane and her husband Jay are cool, salt of the earth people who REALLY want to help! Hands down the “scary” experience of bankruptcy was not scary at all and we retained her immediately. She was kind, knew what she was talking about and kept me very well informed with each step as we went along. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services and I cannot be more grateful to her for all she did in helping me get through my bankruptcy. Good woman and AMAZING lawyer!

September 22nd, 2018|

“This is your bankruptcy; you get out of it what you put in” K.B.

Diane Drain, and her amazing teammate, Jay were two of the most helpful, caring individuals I have met in a long, long time. The process of bankruptcy is daunting, having a guiding hand and experienced consul are an extremely important aspect. Remember, this is your bankruptcy, and you get out of it what you put in. It is hard work. It is not easy. If you follow Diane’s outline and are proactive, it will go on track and follow its course. If you do not, you will face challenges. Be prepared, trust in Diane, trust in Jay, and her team, you will climb the mountain and be successful.

September 22nd, 2018|

“Made the Bankruptcy process very understandable and helpful” P.H.

Diane’s expertise and solid experience and instructions made my entire Bankruptcy process very understandable and helpful! Her guidelines helped tremendously. The entire process would have daunting without her professional help. Anytime I need any professional legal help in the future she will be the first one I call and recommend to my closest family and friends!

September 22nd, 2018|

“You will have to put in the required time and effort, but Diane’s processes and methodology does work” A & N.S.

I have worked in the demanding High Technology Industry for over 40 years and have been involved with many stressful and high pressure business situations worldwide. None of these experiences prepared me for the prospect of dealing with the discussions of filing for bankruptcy and the day to day emotions associated with this process. Fortunately my wife and I selected Diane Drain’s Firm as our Bankruptcy Law Firm. Diane Drain is extremely knowledgeable, extremely well organized and has predefined processes that help the client through this complex process.

Please understand that you must be prepared and willing to follow these processes and you will get very good results in return. You will not be “ babied “ and you will have to put in the required time and effort, but Diane’s processes and methodology does work.

My wife and I are very happy with our decision to engage Diane Drain and we highly recommend her.

September 22nd, 2018|

“Very high grade!!! Five out of five stars” J & B B.

The best of the best to be represented by Diane. Very high grade!!!

September 22nd, 2018|

“Thank you.” N.L.

Thank you speaking with me and for the advice given. Wish I would have found you to begin with.

September 22nd, 2018|

“You gave us great guidance.” J.B.

Thank you !!! Diane and Jay for all your help. I would highly recommend your services. You were very caring and helpful during the whole process. You gave us great guidance through a very stressful time. We appreciate it.

September 22nd, 2018|

“This has made a huge difference in my life” D.S.

I approached Diane with a large debt problem. Although I was working with a company to pay down the debt, one of the credit card companies decided to sue me. This would have destroyed all my pay-back efforts. Quite frankly I was scared about having to deal with a big credit card company in court. I think they were about to roll me. I sought help from Diane with some degree of trepidation. But Diane was able to explain everything to me even though I was under a lot of personally imposed stress. Diane understood all the emotions that were flowing through me and kept me relaxed enough to get through the entire process. She was part Lawyer, part Psychologist, and part Mother Hen. It was exactly what I needed. I really can’t say that going through Chapter 7 was fun, but Diane made the process acceptable and kept me focused when I needed to be focused. I absolutely recommend Diane to anyone considering walking down this path. Thank you Diane. This has made a huge difference in my life.

September 22nd, 2018|

“Communication is key when entering into a bankruptcy” K.H.

I can’t say enough good things about Diane. The way she handled my not typical circumstances was amazing. I was very nervous to start the bankruptcy process but Diane just has a very comforting way of explaining the whole process. Communication is key when entering into a bankruptcy and there was never a time when I was unsure about where I stood. Diane and Jay were always willing to take their time to answer any questions I might have. My only regret is that I didn’t find Diane sooner. If you find yourself in a financial situation that you can’t correct on your own, please Call Diane Drain as soon as possible.

September 22nd, 2018|

“Her expertise and guidance are unsurpassed” P.H.

Diane and Jay are an impeccable professional team! She explains everything you need to know and puts your heart and mind at ease with her compassion and understanding throughout the filing process. Her expertise and guidance are unsurpassed!

September 22nd, 2018|

“They provide hope and ease throughout a very stressful situation” C.G.

Diane and Jay provide hope and ease throughout a very stressful situation. Diane is thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. She takes her time with each step ensuring she understands the story. They are both available when needed and respond timely. She provides the educational tools to help you be prepared for the next steps. I would recommend Diane Drain to anyone needing BK assistance.

September 22nd, 2018|

I knew what to do and what to expect every step of the way thanks to your guidance and insistence that I take responsibility for my case. I greatly appreciate that! Not to mention, both you and Jay are wonderful people. Thanks so much!

“Thanks to your guidance and insistence that I take responsibility for my case” S.Z.


Over the year we have met and worked with some of the finest attorneys in Arizona.  Many of these attorneys have left remarks on Martindale Hubbell, AVVO and LinkedIn.


Diane ranks 10.0 out of 10.0 for over all client and her peers rating on AVVO (a site for lawyers).

September 2020

September 14th, 2020|

“I strongly endorse this attorney” William Fife

Although she likely won’t recall this Ms. Drain took time to answer a young attorneys questions about representing debtors and creditors; that attorney was me and the advice was extremely helpful. The advice she gives is always thoughtful and sound. I strongly endorse this attorney.

September 14th, 2020|

“Top-notch attorney” Christian Lassen

Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

September 14th, 2020|

“Diane is knowledgeable, diligent and accessible” Leonard Sominsky

I have known Diane for many years and she has always been a great attorney who cares about her clients. Diane is knowledgeable, diligent and accessible and I wholeheartedly endorse her as an attorney.

September 14th, 2020|

“All positive aspects in her professional field” Larry Karandreas

I have known Diane Drain for several years now and have found her to be professional, knowledgeable and meticulous. All positive aspects in her professional field.

September 14th, 2020|

“great at what she does” Brian Spector

I have known Diane for many years, and she is a great contributor and asset to our community of bankruptcy practitioners. Simply stated, Diane is great at what she does. That’s why I am so comfortable referring work to her.

September 14th, 2020|

“Ms. Drain is a very well-respected lawyer” Adam Studnicki

Ms. Drain is a very well-respected lawyer and a valuable asset to this community. Her continuing dedication to the law and her clients is admirable. If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, give her a call.

September 14th, 2020|

“true asset to the legal community” Krystal Ahart

I have known Diane for more than 8 years and she continuously impresses me with not only her knowledge, but also her desire to pour into other lawyers in the community. I have seen her assist the community in many different volunteer capacities, most especially including the Self Help Center of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Phoenix. She is a true asset to the legal community and I am grateful that I am able to call her a friend and mentor.

September 14th, 2020|

“I wholeheartedly endorse her!” Ian Hasegawa

I first met Diane as one of my professors in law school. She was an excellent instructor. Her reputation and accomplishments speak for themselves, but I will reiterate that Diane is one of the preeminent bankruptcy attorneys in Arizona. As an attorney, I have seen Diane at pro bono events that offer free legal assistance to veterans. She gives so generously of her time to help those who normally could not afford an attorney. I wholeheartedly endorse her!

September 14th, 2020|

“Diane is a great bankruptcy lawyer” Eric Ollason

Diane Drain is a great bankruptcy lawyer and a pleasure to work with. The field of bankruptcy is lucky to have her as a lawyer practicing in this area.

September 14th, 2020|

“She is tireless in her advocacy for her clients” Dwayne Farnsworth

Diane Drain is a rare gem in the consumer legal field. She is tireless in her advocacy for her clients legal rights. She constantly networks, teaches, and mentors attorneys for the benefit of their clients, and the general community. When it comes to bankruptcy, real estate matters, or other consumer issues, Diane is prepared to represent her client needs in the most compassionate and professional way. Anyone looking to solve a real estate or financial problem needs to look no further for the best attorney in Arizona to assist their needs, and to guide them safely through to a brighter future and new hope. Diane is the attorney every lawyer should aspire to be in the way she benefits her clients, other attorney’s clients, members of the State Bar of Arizona, and all citizens of the State of Arizona. I could go on for hours about Diane, but I don’t need to. Schedule an appointment with Diane and you will immediately know what I am trying to say from the minute you meet her.

September 14th, 2020|

“at all times, a conscientious and caring professional” James Kahn

I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Drain as a bankruptcy practitioner. She is, at all times, a conscientious and caring professional. Diane is one of those attorneys to whom I refer clients with total confidence that their legal needs will be well handled, and that the client will receive the personal attention they deserve. I have worked with Diane over the last 20 years, and know her to be very well informed in law generally and specifically in Bankruptcy. She is on top of all current issues and technology. She lectures in law regularly, including as an adjunct professor at Phoenix School of Law. Diane serves on the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Arizona, and has participated in numerous committees and sections of the State Bar and other professional organizations.


If you are reading this; you probably need the services of a bankruptcy attorney and you’re worried and maybe a little frightened of the entire process and it’s impact on your life. Please trust us when we tell you that Diane is the resource you need. We will never forget what she did for us in time of need. There are Angels in disguise out there – we know that now.

K.M. 11-15November, 2015

5 Star service and representation from Diane and Jay. Extremely competent representation and explanations of the legal process and how to prepare for the filing. True compassion shown to those going through a very difficult time in their lives. Diane is obviously respected by the bankruptcy attorney legal community and I can recommend her services without any reservation.

K.M. 11-15November, 2015

I’ve been in the legal field for over 25 years (as a legal secretary and paralegal) and Diane is a top notch attorney. She knows the ins and outs of this area of law and does a really great job of explaining each and every step in layman’s terms. It’s a scary time when you come to the decision that you need to file for bankruptcy, but Diane put us at ease and we felt very comfortable with her. Her assistant, Jay, is a great resource and was always available to answer any question that we had. We would definitely recommend her!

M.D. 10-15October, 2015

Diane is great. After looking around for an attorney, I couldn’t be anymore happier with my decision of going with her. She answered all of my questions and took her time with me. Very motherly and straight forward. It’s very hard to find an attorney that treats you with respect and is very straight forward. Honesty is key in these situations, and she has it. Thank you Diane for helping us!

M.M 7-15July, 2015

The best! Very professional, patient and kind. We hope we never are the position to use her again. But if you do she is the one to go to!

T & C R. 12-15December, 2015

Diane Drain is really knowledgeable. She helped us tremendously in our bankruptcy case. We are thankful for all she did for us!

B.W. 7-15July, 2015

I was greatly relieved to find an attorney that I felt completely at ease with, confident in her professionalism and her staff; and to find someone I felt I could trust completely.

D.A. 9-15September, 2015

Diane was a the best choice we could have made when choosing our legal counsel. She is as much a teacher as a lawyer, always patient and willing to answer any questions no matter how small. She was very thorough, making sure an already stressful situation did not become worse. She put us at ease immediately. Thanks Diane!

R.D. 7-15July, 2015

My wife and I would highly recommend Diane Drain to any one who is considering bankruptcy. She handled our case professionally and in a very timely manner. Diane and her team made a long, frustrating process pretty painless. Thank you Diane!!

B & D 9-15September, 2015

Overall grade for help received from Diane and her staff – 110%. Now I can breath and it is thanks to Diane.

N. 7-15July, 2015

Thank you. It was a pleasure and privilege to be your client. I am continually grateful that I was led to you to help me through my bankruptcy process. You are truly the best of the best and it would be a welcome honor to share my most wonderful and painless experience I had with you as my guide and wise counsel with anyone at any time. I have never read directions and followed rules more thoroughly in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your master-planned website and life experience in this profession to make sure I remained educated and on track throughout. For your guidance, infinite knowledge and wisdom, professional-counsel and encouragement, I am most grateful. I sing your and Jay’s praises from the rooftops for the array of help and guidance I received.

K 8-15August, 2015

I can’t tell you how glad I am that you were our bankruptcy attorney. You helped me in many ways and I am very grateful. Most of all, I appreciate your frankness and honesty. You always took the extra time to explain everything very thoroughly. You were always “up front” about everything. This was a VERY difficult time for me. Through your kindness and expertise you made it much more bearable for me.

D. 11-15November, 2015

I will never forget what you’ve done for me. You were brilliant!

Thank you.

G. 7-15January, 2015

My wife and I would highly recommend Diane Drain to any one who is considering bankruptcy. She handled our case professionally and in a very timely manner. Diane and her team made a long, frustrating process pretty painless. Thank you Diane!!

R. 7-15July, 2015

When I was looking for a bankruptcy attorney, the U.S. Courts’ website had some Phoenix attorney’s listed. I visited one in person and the then read Ms. Drain’s site. The in-person attorney gave me a 2 inch stack of papers to fill out, but this would cost me $1000 more than Ms. Drain’s fee. Ms. Drain’s website is incredibly informative, so I chose her and submitted all information online. I found her to be very caring and compassionate. Her process was very efficient, detail-oriented and smooth. Rate Ms. Drain’s services: 5.0 out of 5.0



After a divorce I found myself in a situation where I needed to file bankruptcy. I hired Diane and could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for all your hard work on my case. I appreciate all your support and compassion through a very difficult process.

M.C. 3-15March, 2015

Thank you so much for all your hard work on my case. I appreciate all your support and compassion through a very difficult process.

M.C. 3-15March, 2015

Diane and Jay were very patient with us in explaining every important detail involved in our case which helped ease the anxiety that sometimes came when we felt unsure about certain questions, Thank you.

N & J. 3-15March, 2015

You made an unexpected, uncomfortable experience easy to get thru and recover and move on in our lives!. Thank – you are the best.

J. & H. 4-15April, 2015

Dearest Diane & Jay, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express what a great honor it was to have you represent us in our bankruptcy. We are sneaking up on our third anniversary of that bankruptcy. I can’t tell you how many times J & I look at each other and say how glad we are that we went thru w/ it. It truly has changed our lives. All is well w/ our family. J was laid off at the end of May, but w/o that huge debt weighing us down we are surviving! Both younger kids are full time students & we couldn’t be more excited about that.
Hope all is well w/ you two.

J & D 3-15March, 2015

We cannot thank you enough for helping us through this difficult and embarrassing situation. After our first phone conversation I had no doubt you would be able to help us and that you actually cared about our situation. So many larger firms treat clients as if they were in an assembly line. You r willingness to answer and and all of our questions immediately put my mind at east. The only comment I have is that you should raise your rates. Your fees are extremely reasonable and your personal attention to our issues is worth double what we paid.

N. 5-15May, 2015

Just a quick note to say Thank You! We received our discharge paperwork this week and it has been a huge burden lifted off of our shoulders. I want to thank you for your total professionalism and the manner in which you treated us as clients….we never once felt judged for the position that we were in. Instead, we felt that you had a genuine concern for us as clients and that one of your goals is to insure that we were educated on the process and what our options were from the start. You were the main catalyst that made a very emotionally draining time very bearable and helped us to see the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

M & B 2015

*Diane Drain and her staff have guided us through the rough terrain of a bankruptcy. From the beginning of this process, to an end that is quite near, Ms. Drain has provided the highest level of expertise. Her extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law has helped us immeasurably. Communicating with her and her staff has always been easy, swift and the information that is conveyed is very clear and put in layman’s terms. She will explain things as many times as she needs to with a good dose of patience. She helped us to pick up the pieces of our lives and to maintain our dignity while doing so. We cannot say enough wonderful things about this gem of an attorney.

Anonymous 2015
Posted on AVVO

When I made my decision to file for bankruptcy I did some research. I went through a link on the U.S. court website and read a lot online. Referrals from the court website didn’t include many local lawyers who were willing to list their fees. Not all the lawyers listed gave their fees but Ms. Drain did. Her fee was in the ballpark for me – not the very lowest and not the highest. I visited a few attorneys and they would give me a pile of papers to fill out and then their staff would input the information for an extra $1000! Who needs that, when I’m just as capable, or more, to enter my own information. When I then compared websites and saw Ms. Drain’s I immediately knew I was in the right place – in that her site has so much information about bankruptcy etc. with history, stories, financial information. It was clear she cared and was committed to helping people in financial distress. She is clearly a teacher. I especially liked her personal, caring tone -that showed compassion – in writing and in person – not the normal thing you think of with attorneys! I was able to do the process almost entirely online – which made it quick and easy for me. Yes, you have to get all your details together at home – but that’s not hard. I think by having to enter all the information and with quick responses to questions from Ms. Drain’s associate it was a way for me to take responsibility for the process and thus feel better about it in the end. They were very responsive, efficient, and most of all caring which made the process go quickly and feel good. I’m now heartened, and not cynical, about my experience with an attorney.

Anonymous 2015Posted on AVVO

When my wife and I first considered bankruptcy we contacted one of the TV advertised law firms that specializes in bankruptcy law. On our appointment we met a group of the most inept people I have ever met. It was exactly the same as trying to buy a used car on Van Buren.
Later I told a friend of our experience and I said I don’t want to file a bankruptcy and deal with “that” kind of people. He quickly corrected my thinking and recommended The Law Office of Diane Drain.
On my first visit it was a pleasure to have someone explain the process so thoroughly. Mrs. Drain is very direct and clear on required documentation and what was required by us. We followed her instructions to the letter and the whole process went very smoothly.
In my 65 years I have dealt with a lot of people in the corporate world and I feel Mrs. Drain and her staff offer integrity and professionalism second to none.

Anonymous – 20152015

The best professional relationship that I have had with an attorney (I’ve had more than my share of their services!)_I was treated with respect and all things were timely, correct, and according to plan. Thank you

M.L. 2015


I asked Ms. Drain to help me with a bankruptcy. When I first called I was scared, afraid to answer my phone and worried that my wages were about to be garnished. Ms. Drain was caring, professional and committed to making sure that I fully understood the bankruptcy process. She assured me that the law was designed to protect me. The process was complicated, but she always was available to help me with any questions. I have friends who hired Phillips and Associates to file their bankruptcy. Because of the education Ms. Drain provided me, I was explaining the bankruptcy process to my friends because their own attorneys would not take their calls.
I wish all attorneys treated their clients the way that Ms. Drain and Jay treated me. I have referred my mother and a friend at work. They both think that Ms. Drain is the best attorney they ever talked to. She even answers her own phone.

Anonymous 9-14, September, 2014

EXCESS SALE PROCEEDS: P. and I would like to thank you both, especially you Jay, for all the work you did in obtaining our Excess Funds check today. You somehow managed to get this done between January and June and I know how persistent you were. P. and I would like you to know that you can use us a a referral for Excess Funds clients anytime you need to. We were very impressed with what you did and the knowledge you had in getting the job done. It didn’t take me long to realize there are a lot of swindlers out there offering to do the same thing, but when I talked to you back in December, 2013 Diane, and had read your many articles on Excess Funds, I really felt I could trust you. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and we will always be grateful for how you’ve helped us. When you’ve had to walk away from the home you love, being able to secure the Excess Funds through a firm you can trust makes all the difference in the world.     Great job!

G & P 3-14, March, 2014

We filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and the whole process went very smoothly from beginning to end. This was thanks to Ms. Drain who was caring, professional and committed to making sure that we fully understood the bankruptcy process. She kept our best interest in mind at all times. We will definitely recommend Ms. Drain for anyone’s bankruptcy filing.

Anonymous 2-14, February, 2014

Filing for Bankruptcy is a huge decision, yet Diane’s knowledge of the laws from her years of experience make it far less daunting. My wife and I would recommend Diane to anyone who is thinking of filing or ready to do so.

P.A. 6-14, June, 2014

Filing bankruptcy was not an easy decision but Diane made the whole process very easy and understandable. As a client you have a lot of control as to your personal outcome. Be diligent, do the homework, and complete all the information (and there is a lot of it) as requested. At age 60, this was the last place my wife and I expected to be at this time in our lives, but Diane was very concerned and compassionate and didn’t make us feel like failures in life. We made mistakes but thanks to Diane we are already on the road to a better future. Recommended without any reservations.

Thanks Diane!

J & S 6-14, June, 2014

We were amazed at how accessible Diane was. Weekdays or weekends at all times of the day it didn’t matter. She was quick to respond to our questions or needs. In short Diane did a great job for us and in record time. If the need arises we will certainly work with here again and not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Robert 7-14, July, 2014

“When I was looking for a bankruptcy attorney, I visited four large and small firms. Diane Drain was the most informative. I appreciated her very educational website and was prepared with questions when we met. I found her to be the most forthright, with information about the process, and her’s, seemed to be the most efficient. I input the information online and then received timely help from her office when needed. So the process went smoothly and quickly as a result.”

L.H. 8-14, August, 2014

Filing bankruptcy was a very difficult choice and experience. But, Diane and Jay were very knowledgeable, professional and supportive throughout the process. Your team made the honor roll in a perfect grade.

April 11-14, November, 2014

About 10 years ago you represented me in my bankruptcy and you were wonderful.
I have referred a number of people to you, though I fear some of them did not have the ovaries for the follow through.
I have followed your advice, and that contained in the information you gave, me and am proud to say my credit rating is approaching the mid- 700s and one of my creditors, USAA Federal Bank, actually re-issued me a credit card. I have done better than I ever expected and believe that much of my success is due to the thorough and respectful manner in which you led me through the process.

B.B. 12-14, December, 2014

Thank you so so much for all your help and understanding. Especially in the beginning when I had so many questions and you were so very patient with me. I felt that you were very upfront about everything, letting me know what to expect at every step on the process. Even more important, I felt that you truly care about your clients and work hard to ensure that you give the best advice. Now I can finally breathe easy and deep again. Even though the circumstances that led me to you were somewhat out of my control, I have still learned so much and I thank you for that!

J. 2014, December, 2014

I wish that I did not have to file for bankruptcy protection; nevertheless, having to go through the process I am glad that Diane was the person to lead me through it. Diane definitely gets an A+ for all the guidance and empathy that she gave to me as a client.

T. 2014

Diane – thank you for helping me keep my car and some self respect. This was so hard to do. I did feel a sense of relief once I saw you and we actually were ready to file.

G. 2014, 2014

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you! Rate Ms. Drain’s services: 5.0 out of 5.0.


Diane is very compassionate and comforting. She made a very difficult process much easier for us. Rate Ms. Drain’s services: 5.0 out of 5.0


This attorney educates clients on the bankruptcy process and helps them correctly complete the steps needed to reach the end of the process in a timely manner. She is thorough, professional and compassionate.



She and her team are responsive, knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy, good communicators, detail-oriented, well-connected, caring and compassionate. They provided a balance of head and heart combined with expertise and appropriate action to get it done. Being a well-established lawyer, when issues came up that were not directly in her area of expertise, we received excellent referrals. The process was smooth and easy. Not a single problem with our experience. Everything was positive.

R.F. 2-13February, 2013

It became necessary for me to file bankruptcy in earlier this year. While I was contemplating that action, I interviewed with several attorneys to determine their attitudes and work habits. In all but one I felt that the attorneys were far too impersonal and lacked the sensitivity that was displayed by Ms. Drain. Taking bankruptcy is not a very pleasant situation and, had I not had such a fine attorney as Ms. Drain, I would have been extremely distraught. Obviously, I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Drain to anyone that found themselves in a predicament and needed legal advice.

R 3-13March, 2013

We were forced to file for bankruptcy about three years ago. We had no idea if we should use an attorney or what attorney to use. After contacting one attorney we quickly realized we might know more than him about the procedure. A realtor acquaintance of ours then recommended Diane Drain, who he had used in a bankruptcy filing. Diane led us through the procedure and helped us avoid numerous pitfalls. Her leadership was superb including starting the procedure, the filing, the hearing in court and numerous issues along the way. We recommend Diane Drain without reservation.

H.H. 6-13June, 2013

Diane and Jay helped my wife and I get past a difficult chapter in our lives. They are experienced and professional. They answered all our questions and gave us excellent advice. We followed there directions from start to finish and the process was smooth. We are very happy we met Diane and Jay. Thank you.

M & J 7-13July, 2013

As a single mother of two college sons, one can imagine, how difficult it was to explain to my sons that my finances between home, college and building past debt had me making the heartbreaking choice of filing bankruptcy. A dear friend recommended Diane to me. She was professional and spent hours during this process guiding me patiently through this somewhat complicated and tedious experience. She always returned my calls promptly, she stayed by my side during the court proceedings, but mostly she kept reassuring me that I would eventually be okay and begin again. It could have been a humiliating experience and Diane made sure that it was not. I give her Five Stars for the work she does. Thank you Diane.

Anonymous 12-13December, 2013

If there is more than 5 stars, I would Jump to give the highest possible rating to attorney Diane Drain. Before I called Diane, we did our own research, read everything on their web site, we liked what we read and called Diane’s office. Diane spent more than 1 and 1/2 hours on the initial consultation alone. Our chapter 7 is a bit more complicated but Diane made everything so easy to go through the process and Jay is also equally, extremely helpful to get the information into the electronic format, on time. When we needed any clarification they both were there to pick the phone and guide us through. I consider Diane is a God sent to us and I told her too. Both Diane and Jay are extremely professional, kind, considerate and down right genuine. Because of Diane’s experience and knowledge on legal matters, she will let you know what to expect right away. We are fortunate and blessed to meet them, in the time of our need. Thank you Diane and Jay!

P.G. 12-13December, 2013

Diane Drain and her staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Diane guided and supported me throughout the challenges of bankruptcy in a very supportive and respectful manner. Diane has earned my trust, recommendation, and highest regard.

April 11-13November, 2013

*Diane helped me retain my dignity during a very uncomfortable time. I am very grateful.

S & A 12-13December, 2013

I want to express my appreciation to you and your assistant Jay for all your hard work. I can not imagine being treated with more professionalism and respect that you did. Going to the entire bankruptcy process was not a easy task for my and my family but you provided us with valuable counseling while explaining the law, you answered all our questions in a timely manner and you kept us informed at all times of how the process is going. You are not only a competent and experienced lawyer but also one of those fine individuals who takes pride in their profession while serving others. I will recommend you with any opportunity I might have in the future.

S. 12-13December, 2013



Diane helped my husband and me get past a difficult chapter in our lives. She answered all our questions and gave us excellent advice. We followed her directions from start to finish and the process went smoothly. Having Diane in our corner, an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge, turned out to be the best decision we could make. We are very happy we were referred to Diane for assistance.

S.G. 7-10July, 2010

If only you knew how much you changed our lives.  I can sleep through the nite, answer my phone and door without worrying who would be on the other side.  Bankruptcy was not an easy choice (you understand :0-).  You and Jay were so patient!!  You never seem to tire of my constant questions.  You were our savoir and mentor.  Five stars.

B. & J. 112011

I thought lawyers were all greedy.  You made sure we could afford your fees which allowed us to keep our car.  There will never be a way to repay all you did for us.

J. & P. 102010

Diane and Jay are a wonderful team. Efficiency and clarity were the hallmark of our experience.

R & S. 9-11September, 2011

I know that you are acutely aware of how deeply emotional and draining financial problems are. You took the time to talk with me about our foreclosure and 2nd mortgage. You allowed me to be human and treated me with dignity. Thank you for your time, expertise, and kindness.

K.M. 2-12March, 2012

We were extremely pleased with the quality and level of support you and Jay provided. We had shopped around a bit before contacting you and once we did the comparison with other attorneys and bankruptcy “mills” was extremely and significantly positive.

Anonymous 3-12March, 2013

*I never felt ashamed about my decision because you were so kind to me about my situation. I thank you for you kindness and compassion as I struggled with my decision. I also thank you for your integrity for allowing me to move the processes as slowly as I did and not charging me any additional fee’s! Thank you for everything Diane and Jay! Thank you for the tissues as I cried about my life… and you were kind enough to listen. Your guidance and support is the only thing that kept me from loosing my mind through this very stressful and confusing process. Not once did you ever make me feel stupid because I didn’t understand the process. You are appreciated greatly!

E.B. 3-12March, 2012

Thanks for your professional and compassionate treatment of B. and myself. It was a pleasure working with you. As you are well aware, this was a very trying and sometimes painful 6 months but you helped us get through it. Having just filed at the beginning of 2012 we are already reaping the benefits of our bankruptcy. Our credit score is already climbing into the GOOD to FAIR range. Thank Jay for all of his help also. Forever grateful

M & B 8-12August, 2012

We were very apprehensive and stressed out at the thought of having to go through such a difficult process. From our first meeting with Diane Drain it was clear that we would not have to go through this alone! Immediately we felt a huge sense of relief. We were led step by step as to what would need to be done and when. When we did have a question or concern she responded right away.We never had to call more than once. We were treated with the utmost care and respect. Many years ago I had been a victim of an attorney who treated me insultingly, never explained anything and did not return my calls. I was left alone to try and resolve things on my own and it was extremely stressful. Our experience this time was completely different. We cannot thank her enough!

A.W. 8-12August, 2012

Thank you so much for your assistance with this. It’s nice to see that not everyone treats bankruptcy filers as lepers. I was afraid that filing was going to be a huge and embarrassing hurdle to overcome and thanks to you, it wasn’t nearly the horror I had imagined. Thank you so much for your understanding and help! You’ve helped restore my thinking that not all attorneys’ are terrible and could care less about their clients.

T. 20122012

Diane – thank you very much for all of your help. I do not know what I would have done if I had not found you. Every other attorney I talked to was so cold and uncaring. You helped me understand what was happening in my bankruptcy. Thanks again.

S. 5-12May, 2012

You were wonderful – Thank you so much. I am so glad that my son went to your seminar and found you.

L. 122012

Diane, you were the ultimate in legal professional representation. Thank you forever for all you did.

M. 122012


Thank you so much for your help. I feel very good about my decision and I’m so very glad I chose you to represent me.

S. 06

I do appreciate your kindness in helping us through this tedious process.

D. 072007

Thank you once again for your incredible knowledge and persistence with these people. Ever since we have done the filing, I feel better mentally and physically, just like you said I would.

M. 082008

In our eyes you are all A’s. You helped us so much. We are thankful for you and all your help. You are a caring person, and most understanding. You took time for us at a time that was very hard. We haven’t got to where we were before everything broke loose and we may never. But we are thankful for you.

S & G. 09

Diane helped my husband and me get past a difficult chapter in our lives. She answered all our questions and gave us excellent advice. We followed her directions from start to finish and the process went smoothly. Having Diane in our corner, an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge, turned out to be the best decision we could make. We are very happy we were referred to Diane for assistance.

S.G. 7-10July, 2010

Thank you for helping us through such a difficult time. You patience and expertise was comforting and we knew that we were in very good hands.

G. & S. 20092009

I thought lawyers were all greedy.  You made sure we could afford your fees which allowed us to keep our car.  There will never be a way to repay all you did for us.

J. & P. 102010

I first met Diane Drain in September 2008 when she agreed to represent me in my Bankruptcy filing. It was a difficult decision for me as I had always had outstanding credit and prided myself on being responsible and trustworthy. But, with my marriage of 30 years ending, the housing market sliding (I was upside down in the home), I had spent most of my savings and resources just to keep my head above water and then, I started sinking financially into a bottomless pit of debt. Bankruptcy was the best solution for me and that was a hard realization. Diane Drain handled my case with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She kept me informed in all aspects of the case as it moved through the Court system. My Bankruptcy was discharged in Jan 2009 and Diane had advised me of the negative changes that would occur to my credit report. She also educated me, that the BK was a fresh start and my credit could be rebuilt with hard work and patience on my part. I want to inform others who may be going through the bankruptcy process, that with time, hard work and informed financial decisions, you can climb out of the lowest financial point in your life and achieve the highest point again.

In the 3 years since my Bankruptcy, I have worked my credit score back to 700 , I purchased a new vehicle in Oct 2011 and I just closed on a new home and mortgage in May 2012. All this was possible by the knowledge, skill and expertise Diane Drain has as a Bankruptcy attorney. To Diane I again say thank you. You have help me once again attain the American dream…

J.R. 6-09June, 2009
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