Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds Payday and Deposit Advance Loans a Trap for Consumers

Laws.com interview with Diane about her history by way of the law and bankruptcy

“I’ve been involved in law since I was 19,” she told laws.com in a recent interview with Diane L. Drain.  “I worked for the Public Defender’s office as a receptionist.  After that worked as a receptionist, bookkeeper, office manager, paralegal, and legal secretary at a couple of different law firms.”

National Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement – moving like a turtle in mud

Possible doubling of interest rates for student loans

According to CNNMoney.com Interest rates on student loans subsidized by the government will most likely double to 6.8 percent on July 1, 2013. Even though Congress and the White House agree that something needs to be done, no one can find a common solution.