Arizona law explaining how a trustee’s sale (called a foreclosure) work. Some very practical tips and flow charts.

Bank of America Penalized $45 M for Wrongful Foreclosure

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Mortgage Modification Frauds

Big Banks Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges

Article in the Washington Post: Last week, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced that five major banks were pleading guilty to criminal charges for what she described as a “brazen display of collusion” to manipulate the currency markets.  Related Post What is a Zombie Debt? Banks Are Subverting Bankru… Citigroup to Pay Fannie Mae $968M […]

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Another Loan Workout Nightmare, plus Resources for Saving Your Home: Arizona

Yet another loan workout or modification scam.  I am disgusted by the number of calls we receive every week detailing a company or lawyer who takes someone’s hard earned money and fails to deliver on their promise to modify the home mortgage.

Fannie Mae Auctions “Sour” Mortgage Loans

According to Bloomberg News: Fannie Mae will begin bulk auctions of mortgages, including some sales targeted for non-profit groups and small investors, as Fannie Mae moves to reduce the number of non-performing loans “sour mortgages” on its books. Related Post HSBC sued by NY Attorney General for Violations of… Foreclosure Settlements with Banks Moving Very […]

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Increase in Credit Card Debt & Risky Home Loans

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AZ Supreme Court Clarifies Anti-Deficiency Protection for Residential Property

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Trustee Sales or Foreclosure

What is a Trustee’s Sale or Foreclosure?

A trustee’s sale or foreclosure is the process that the lender may use when the loans are not paid or there is some other default of the original loan agreement.

The law of the state where the property is located controls the foreclosure or trustee sale process. The links to this page deal solely with Arizona law as governing Arizona real property.

Stories From a Bankruptcy Attorney – the good, the bad and the moronic.

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CFPB Proposed changes to our Mortgage Servicing Rules

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