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Will Countrywide CFO be Sued by Dept of Justice?

According to the New York Times – Angelo R. Mozillo, the co-founder and former chief executive of Countrywide Financial, may soon face a civil lawsuit from the Justice Department.   This disclosure comes almost seven years after the subprime mortgage machine he created and oversaw began its rapid decline in August of 2007 leaving investors and […]

Mortgage Reaffirmation “Required” is Bogus

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Services Available to Help Arizona Homeowners

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Consumer advisory: Don’t fall for a foreclosure relief scam or bogus legal help

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Feds Announce Litigation Against Law firms for Deceptive Loan Modification Practices

$16.2 Million Jury Verdict Against PHH Mortgage for Botched Loan Modification

The story is one that thousands of homeowners have experienced over the last 8 years: job loss, financial collapse, and possible bankruptcy.  The homeowner diligently works with the lender to reduce payments, following the lender/servicer’s instructions only to find complete mismanagement by the lender/servicer to properly document agreements and then the initiation of a foreclosure. […]

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Arizona Real Estate Investors Lose Anti-Deficiency Protection at end of 2014

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Arizona Homeowner’s Association Dues, with some Bankruptcy References

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