A loan modification amends the original loan agreement. The terms of the modification must be agreed to by the parties.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo in Trouble Again –

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Another Loan Workout Nightmare, plus Resources for Saving Your Home: Arizona

Yet another loan workout or modification scam.  I am disgusted by the number of calls we receive every week detailing a company or lawyer who takes someone’s hard earned money and fails to deliver on their promise to modify the home mortgage.

CFPB Issues Guidance on Housing Counselor Requirements

Housing counselors can provide advice on buying a home, renting, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues. Advice from housing counselors can be provided at little or no cost to consumers. Related Post CFPB vs Morgan Drexen – fraudulent debt &#82… Scam Arrest Warrants: Normally You Cannot Be Arres… Is Your College Offering Checking & Pre-paid … […]

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Fannie Mae Auctions “Sour” Mortgage Loans

According to Bloomberg News: Fannie Mae will begin bulk auctions of mortgages, including some sales targeted for non-profit groups and small investors, as Fannie Mae moves to reduce the number of non-performing loans “sour mortgages” on its books. Related Post HSBC sued by NY Attorney General for Violations of… HELOC – Can the Lender Foreclose […]

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Consumer advisory: Don’t fall for a foreclosure relief scam or bogus legal help

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Feds Announce Litigation Against Law firms for Deceptive Loan Modification Practices

$16.2 Million Jury Verdict Against PHH Mortgage for Botched Loan Modification

The story is one that thousands of homeowners have experienced over the last 8 years: job loss, financial collapse, and possible bankruptcy.  The homeowner diligently works with the lender to reduce payments, following the lender/servicer’s instructions only to find complete mismanagement by the lender/servicer to properly document agreements and then the initiation of a foreclosure. […]

FHA’s Back to Work Program for Home Buyers

For several years I have been explaining that no one can predict the length of time that FHA, Fannie Mae or HUD, or a specific lender will require a homeowner to wait to qualify for a new home loan after a prior foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.

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