Anyone who has had or is having financial trouble has experienced the nightmare of the collection companies. Many ignore the law (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) by calling before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm, plus numerous other acts done for the sole purpose of bullying the consumer.

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Despite Dismal Past Failures Congress Unleashes New Tax Debt Collection Policy

judgment debtor's examination

What is a Judgment Debtor’s Examination?

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CFPB Launches Massive Lawsuit – Debt Collectors, Payment Processors and others

Why is this “ground breaking”?  This is the first time that payment processors are held to the same standard of responsibility as the debt collectors.  Related Post Debt Collectors Could Face New Rules Is Your College Offering Checking & Pre-paid … 20% of Consumers Have Credit Reporting Errors New Mortgage Lending Rules – CFPB Protecting… […]

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Fannie Mae Auctions “Sour” Mortgage Loans

According to Bloomberg News: Fannie Mae will begin bulk auctions of mortgages, including some sales targeted for non-profit groups and small investors, as Fannie Mae moves to reduce the number of non-performing loans “sour mortgages” on its books. Related Post Citigroup to Pay Fannie Mae $968M for Loans HSBC sued by NY Attorney General for […]

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Garnishment of Wages – Administrative Actions

Many people ask whether or not a student loan company or SBA creditor can garnish their wages without first obtaining a court order.  The answer is “yes”. Related Post What To Do If Your Wages Are Being Garnished

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CFPB vs Morgan Drexen – fraudulent debt “relief” assistance

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  filed its lawsuit in August 2013, against debt-relief services company Morgan Drexen.  The CFPB alleges, among other things, that  Morgan Drexen deceived consumers into paying unlawful up-front fees for debt relief services by disguising them as fees related to “sham” bankruptcy services. According to an article by Joanna M. Zdanys […]

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Increase in Credit Card Debt & Risky Home Loans

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CFPB Takes Action Against Wells Fargo and Chase for Illegal Mortgage Kickbacks

ILLEGAL MORTGAGE SCHEMES: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Maryland Attorney General took action against Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase for an illegal marketing-services-kickback scheme they participated in with Genuine Title, a now-defunct title company. Related Post CFPB Launches Massive Lawsuit – Debt Collect… Debt Collectors Could Face New Rules Court Finds Wells […]

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